Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The River

River water deepens
Under heavy winter mists
Silver sheets of raindrops
Shroud empty swirling nests

Low or fully flowing
The river spends its breath
Deftly sorting gravels
Where sockeye salmon nest

River ever-flowing
Along its ancient course
Wearing through a landscape
That knows the river's source

River flowing endless
Can never lose its way
Its water streaming forward
Has forgotten where it played


Crunching speckled pebbles
On the shore beneath my feet
Reminding me of people
All the same and yet unique

Shifting in the breaking surf
Drying in the sun
Pebbles lying on the beach
Rest before they run

Pebbles at the mercy
Of waves and winter tides
Waiting for the right time
To turn and sink and rise

Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer Seed

Life wrapped me in its warmth
Now, kindled by its light
I long to burn strong
And I long to burn bright

Snuggled inside nature
An ever-changing song
Inside its perfect ocean
A heartbeat bumps along

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Cloaked in grey, white and black
The cat was easily overlooked
On a ledge of the bare rock face
That spans across the back yard
He was waiting perfectly still
Under gentle swaying shadows
Of leaves and branches that float
Silently across the rock face
The Kitty holds motionless
An ancient predator is hiding
Still and silent on a rock ledge

I noticed him waiting there
And felt the timeless danger
Of that steady threatening gaze
As the backyard predator crouched
I watched and waited in frozen time
While bees buzzed with purpose
And Butterflies fluttered loops
Above and below the hidden cat
Unaware of his presence
While Kitty was just being
Just who he's always been

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Breeze

Leaves unseen in the first breeze of spring
All found places on bare branches of winter trees
Not even one single leaf was left unfastened
They attached, then unfurled and grew so fast
I hardly even noticed them appear in my garden
Now every leaf instinctively follows the sun
Holding forever to branches over fresh cut grass
The leaves rustle in the cool afternoon breeze
As the spring wind plays with the chime
That hangs expectantly at a corner of our porch
Hummingbirds, bees and dragonflies are working
Adding their life music to the rustle of new leaves
While the neighbour muscles an old power mower
Over large rocks hidden in the tall grass
Scattered here and there in a neglected yard
That sound overwhelms the delicate symphony
of Spring that I have been listening to

When the breeze falls off
And the power mower stops
The wind chimes hang silent
But now I hear the song of a Robin
running across the yard
And the buzz of a black bee squeezing
Under sun warmed siding behind me
As the cat sleeps curled

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seeing and Believing

There are some things
We can never really see
The sun shines so bright
It overwhelms our vision
And the universe of stars
That burn bright beyond it
Never appear with the sun
Yet they're certainly there

Special is the quiet star
When we glimpse it in the sky
If we try to look right at it
It disappears from our sight
Though we know it is there
Just like the sun
Just like a distant star
Just like God

Thursday, March 31, 2016


The empty echoing call
From the Raven's darkness
Pierces the silent forest
Seaking out a hint of Spring

The loud and wooden drumming
Of a Woodpecker on his tree
Establishing a territory
Before he feeds on ants

A couple walking down a country lane
Hand-in-hand, crunches crisp on gravel
Far away somewhere
Plans with other words

Thankyou for this dream

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sing To Me Wind

Sing to me wind
Shaking the branch
Speak to me wave
Soaking the beach
Stand over me tree
Strong in the storm

Am I the only thing
That doesn't know
Where I should be?
Am I the only one
That doesn't know
What I should do?

I can hear the wind
I can see the waves
I can feel the rain
As I search my heart
But still I don't know
What I must do

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Late Autmn Light

The sharpened steel
Of autumn's Light
Spills soft colours
Over rippled skin
On the Salish sea
Cutting summer free
Along a distant bank
Of autumn coloured cloud
That reaches deep into
Silent dark water

I sit on this boat
Passing by logs
Washed to the sea
Like floating bones
From flooded banks
As I search for whales

Tethered in her berth
Rounded waves reflect
Off the steel hull
And run politely
Under black ripples
Shivered by the breeze
That finds us all waiting
Before the fog floods in
Damp under darkness

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Be Mine

Hot, Dry, Dusty
And Unfamiliar
This West Coast Season of Summer
After so many years
I have become afraid
And feel very vulnerable
A small sensitive human

In every moment
When any opportunity exists
At Peace,
Once in a while
But only
When I am too tired
To find another's weakness
In me

Yet always loving more
So I embrace us
Till death parts us
I am yours

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wilderness Flower

Love's privilege owes nothing
It's silent miracle
Like sunshine lighting a leaf
Or rain water bathing a root
Nourishes life
Opening us

Monday, May 11, 2015

Autumn Moon

I don't know the tides before me
Like I know the ones before
When my mind launched its thoughts
From a semi-circled shore
Where I floated in the whitecaps
Unafraid when I survived
Now, I only seem to worry
About the next rising tide
The one that comes to claim me
Like all the rest have done
As I swim into the salty foam
And float beneath the sun

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Day

Spring just broke Winter's track
And cold rain has stopped falling
The sun's azure sky has come back
Tell me now, after this many years
How I could forget Summer's visit?
Long hot days of summer will shimmer
Before I long for Fall's darkness
And winter's wet to reign down
Making me feel life's shortness
But now the tulips are stretching
Up toward their coloured flowers

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Fall leaves don't die...
They just change colour
Before they are another
Just as life might wish

They work so hard
To help their tree
Until it sets them free
To play with all the others
In a sea of autumn colour

Plastered to the ground
By the rain that's pelting down
And soaking everything around
Leaves rest near their tree
The ones that set them free

I may see them all again
If our journey never ends
It may pick us up and then
Cast us all back as friends

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall Day

Today belongs to fall
Its leaves changing and all
As an aimless breeze wanders
I can glimpse sleeping branches
Through coloured cloaks that cling
To broadleaf summer trees
In the forest by my home

The weeping Birch
Over my ragged garden
Trembles in the Breeze
Yellows and greens flash
As its leaves rattle and spin
At the end of threadlike stems
Leaves strain to leave their tree
It doesn't need them anymore

Such beauty in life's struggle

A raven calls from across the field
Before flying straight overhead
I call to it through the miracle
Of its strong swooshing flight
It answers simply to my heart
Fluttering on the top of a Cedar

A black and blue Stellar Jay
Steals summer's silence
From the autumn day
Calling loudly
From an unseen perch
Behind coloured leaves
Beyond the frosty path

Not knowing I was there

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today was one of those days
We all ate corn and potatoes
Today was one of those days
It rained cold all day long
Today was one of those days
I used headlights from dawn
Today was one of those days
That will always be ours

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October's Wind

Cloaked under folds of cloud
A cleansing wind gusting loud
Is ripping fists of leaves away
As autumn branches swinging sway
Without a thought, without a care
Coloured leaves fly here and there

The River

The river flows
Waiting for her children
To return
The Smell of fish
In the wet forest
Is her richness
The wealth
Of life's passion

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Crow

The crow stops me in my work
As she flies beside the moon
Now beating in my chest
Her sound belongs
The moon belongs
As spider silk streams
Silver in September wind
Near tall cedar trees
Tied to heaven's door
With freedom

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Dance

Spiders, mushrooms, fall leaves and fish
All practising courage inside the landscape
Arriving with the season's new confidence
Appearing bold before a Winter's white death
Now, it seems too late for anything to rise
And stand upright in this vulnerable world
They bravely waited till everything else hid
Till the warmth of last summer's party ended
When the flying insects withdrew from the air
And the flowers withered back into their soil
Until the sun warms the soil and calls their name
Next spring after winters' wetness has wearied
And the sun holds the land in its hand again

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I wonder if insects and flowers
That use their life in a year
Notice the subtle difference
Between a season and a life stage
For us who live a longer time
We know that seasons are cycles
But something that just happens once
Might only be a change

Monday, September 29, 2014


Watching it all happen
Wondering why it is
Chasing with a mind
Turning a mind away
Accepting the gift
Knowing it is real
Feeling whole again

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


September treads without judgement on the end of summer's ribbon
Its days speak warmly of summer as spiders weeve to cool the night
September's dark hangs longer and its nights weigh blurry with mist
The month will promise excitement when cool nights change the air

The fall wind is blowing chattering all the dry leaves
Some fall free fluttering and tumble to the colored ground
Leaves and geese high overhead both know the world will change
Autumn stirs with this rustle of dry leaves as the grass-fed-geese fly south
Lit homes are warmed beyond the crackle of evening fireplaces
September countryside brings its excitment every autumn
With richer and fuller colours than the city ever knew

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yesterday I saw a miracle
I find some every day
They are so easy to spot

They can land or perch in trees
Or sing across invisible distances
Or float weightless across the sky

Now everything I learned so well
At schools before the closing bell
Is lost with words that I can't spell

While everything that I can see
Smiles openly in greeting me
Sitting here beneath the tree

Thursday, June 26, 2014


  Wanting to live every day
When we become older
Sings a blessing to life
But to live every day
When we become older
We must die every night
  Accepting the past as still
While a future waits for us
  Shimmering in the darkness
So as we close our eyes
And forgive the past
  As we are reborn
Here inside a miracle
Our work will waits for us

Gifts to give and love to share
Before we move on through

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Sweet darkness
Settles on my wilderness
Water with waves lays before me
And I know that I must go somewhere
Yellow lights are shining from the houses
In far away bays sending their light toward me
Each inviting me to follow their far away promise
Some of them are probably not waiting for me
So I must choose which light I will follow
To guide me through sweet darkness
So I will not fear becoming lost
Somewhere in the night sea
That waits for me

Saturday, June 14, 2014


It is hard to get it right
Don’t get me wrong
We know when it is right
It’s just hard to make it happen
The rope is always taught
When it is tied to the truth
It falls loose if tied by a lie
The difficulty may be our mind
If it learned some things wrong
Like the wrong words to a song
The intention may be there
But the result will be in err
Be guided by love not reason
Our mind may be off a season

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I never know the future
I can only see the past
Things can move so fast

This present place I stand
Sticks still upon the floor
Between my past and that
Future waits behind the door

But I like to stand on Now
Even when I fly on planes
Intuition, weightless, precious
Never needs a boarding pass
Yet it sees so far beyond me
That I trust it - I don’t ask

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soft Summer Rain

Finding freedom from a cloud
Launching into the stiff breeze
Flying blindly into the future
Not knowing but always hoping
That everything will be alright
And I will find a stream in life

Thursday, June 5, 2014


My boat floats upon it
Its sounds are so sweet
Like a night time lullaby
It sways me in its cradle
Separate from its world
Living blind in its belly
Separate from my world
Racing around on the land
I can feel life's own voice
In the quiet of this place
Subtle and yet truthful
And happy to be in me
Whatever that might be

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Gentle is a beautiful thought
Like a smile on a child’s face
Real and full of warm wonder
Soft beauty that welcomes us
A wave that doesn’t break on shore
A wave that blends into the sky
With no land or boats in sight
So hands that smite can heal
And mouths that chew can kiss
This breeze, warm and gentle
Holds the power to be here
As long as we live within it

Monday, June 2, 2014


June summer days so long and warm
Invite bare feet to feel their charm

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


 The flowers of May wash clouds away

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The things we bought
And things we brought
The things that stand through time
Are objects that all catch our eye
And things we won't give back
So we move them here
And we move them there
We take them everywhere
All that stuff
That coloured fluff
Can ache our muscled back
When things we own
Make us strain and groan
Simplify to get back on track

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Evening

Sit by the river near my office tonight
The tide is low and the world is calm
Still everything is moving and changing
The water is calm the sand looks smooth
Sun shines bright across a silent world
The rich golden light bounces blindly
Around a hungry Heron stalking her prey
There is no shadow just her reflection
And it stands between me and the bird
No matter where I go or what the bird does
The reflection is perfect without a blemish
And the heron stalks without stirring a ripple
Until a male Heron flies high over her head
Crossing the river and drawing her attention
I felt her wings lift her feet from the water
She followed her life leaving fish to swim

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A birdsong warms the sun
It lightens food for flight
And pleases a place in me
Like the flat red fingers
Of reawakened maple leaves
Playing in the noon-day sun
Green and dark red on top
Softening the light’s glow
Pleasing yellow bees below
As they fly from their hive
Seeking nectar in flowers
The undigested distraction
In eternity's muscled crop
Birdsong sings to my heart

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tree Frogs

Folded into the silence of my country home
It is always very easy to find comfort there
The night air is misty clean and man is silent
Cloud covered land at night lets in no light
Departing sun leaves a mossy rich darkness
That offers a new dimension for our hearing
Sounds change each moment of every season

Warming the evening blackness by my house
I listened to three tree frogs calling last night
Loud and distinct in the springtime darkness
Voices calling in front of a million other songs
All composed near the pond down the road
A distant din of frogs like a mountain range
Formed a nonstop horizon of sound at night
The perfect background for the three voices
I could hear calling in my yard near my chair
Where I sat in a sound that stayed beautiful

Monday, April 7, 2014


...'From April showers spring May flowers'...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Never-ending the task
Of seeking perfection
Inside each crumpled start
That waits in the waste
Crushed by living hands
Enslaved by cultured minds
Seeking to find perfection
Filling the bin with beauty
Over and over again
Hidden in paper balls
Tossed onto silent waste
Each wishing for more lines
To grace their empty space
The countless bold starts
At the top of each page
Can teach a writer
That hari-kari is real
Inside a crumpled ball
Tossed into the pile
While failure only visits
If our stories die through
Bad reading or soft writing
Or implausible situations
All needing to be understood
And begging to be forgiven
Before a story can unfold
Logically and sensibly
In its own perfect way

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring clouds

Clarity above a shifting cloud of thought
Where sun is bright and its ray’s are warm
All of heaven seems clear from way up here
My human friends are lost below that grey cloud
I wonder if I am confused without my feelings
They guided me toward my one real star of truth
Feelings I breathed in and felt burning inside me
Feelings that shook me and woke me with wonder
Strong feelings that I was afraid of and in love with
Big chisels that chipped away large pieces of shell
A false shell that I couldn’t see, that surrounded me
Kindness and time were more subtle tools of change
And they found me just like they found you, and you
Waiting to be struck down by the fear that seems real
Death is certain and natural. It is the biggest chisel
Rooted deep at the most distant point in our landscape
Waiting in our future but born long before our past
Death seems to grow bigger as we approach closer
And as it feeds on the ground that we stand on
And breathes out its clouds to tilt our heavens
Yet we go through big changes and small changes
All the changes that we never saw waiting for us
And all the changes that could have ignored us
But would never allow us to pass by - untouched
Like dry sand sleeps under sunshine. We imagine
Change as natural for others but not for us

We are so lucky in those moments when the clouds part
And the heavens are revealed to our soul’s breathing body
We are lucky in those moments when we know everything
Even though we find no real power in the information
It is simply the truth without an appetite for anything
It is simply the way that it is and it can be no other way

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Wind

The world is windy again
Why is it that I notice the wind?
When I seldom notice the still air
The air is always surrounding me
Sometimes it is moving
And sometimes it lays still
It has always been fresh enough
To honour my sweet breath
And each bird I watch fly
While I sense us all living
Inside the same breeze

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your Dog

Loyal as a shadow
And scary as the night
A bright white smile
And two eyes bright
Black dog is a friend
Wagging tail not there
Running to the water's edge
And jumping in the air

How did Bear convince you
To throw a rock through air
So he could bark and dig it out
And drag it back to land
Splashing it from certain death
Out on the shallow fan

Hidden under turbid water
Overlying the sand
The rock stayed out of sight
And hidden from us all
Sitting on that log
Like a floating tennis ball

Monday, March 3, 2014


Not easy, not pleasant
These tasks that rest at hand
Letting a dog go peacefully
Helping children understand

Death is just as real as life
Like ripples in the land
They change with every tide that flows
Sculpting lines across the sand
They change with every season
As they reach out for the moon
And change in every nighttime
That a star fits in a spoon

I am alive and will survive
Life and love and loss
I hope to meet another friend
Just like the one I lost

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Cycles, like circles
Can chase their own tail
Snakes without ladders
And bread without ale

Waiting for springtime
We’re tired of the snow
And searching to find
New flowers to grow

In our gardens of soil
Our sweat and our toil
Each color’s divine
In moments that rhyme

The flowers will grow
Whether here or not
But old planted rows
Loves compost that rots

Each color is bright
When a plant matures
If the soil stays black
Then the cycle recurs

Friday, February 21, 2014


Transitions are a time of change
Not time to change the world
Instead a time to change ourselves
Inside this changing world
A change can be quite gentle
But sometimes quite abrupt

We all mature so gradually
We hardly see the change
Somewhat like a glacier flows
As it strains toward low terrain
We’re often blind to see that place
Yet know our path leads there

But change can take us rapidly
If life gives us a ride
Yes,change can take us quickly
As fast as we blink our eye
Like Dragonflies that live below
And change to suddenly fly
Their life begins below the boat
And ends up in the sky

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Smooth or labored with pain
It moves us from here to there
On a Mission or a just a Whim
We move with measured purpose
To meet with certain satisfaction
Just by being there and not here
And accomplishing whatever it is
That we meant to do in going there
All of this so that we can return
To the place that we made our plans
Whether they are the same or changed
Larger or smaller than they seemed
When we first conceived them


Everything lives in an embrace
The ocean embraces the shore
The shore embraces the ocean
Humans walk along the land
Embracing gravity with their feet
Embracing the far away world
With two tender eyes that see
A heart that beats has everything
Understanding all it needs to know
I cannot look at anything without
Sensing an embrace of tender welcome

Friday, February 14, 2014


Life is a strong thread
That runs through
Every living thing
Waking or sleeping
It shadows across our brow
Knowing something
We will never understand
Even though we spend
Much of our life trying


Rocks are hard
And they can last a long time
Patience and resolve
Maybe that is what they practice
As we admire them
And we name them
To keep their power for ourselves
And in that moment
We must state clearly and simply
Time is irrelevant

Beautiful Moment

At the end of every day
There is a magic moment
That runs across the sky
Blacking out man’s land
Beauty before stars arrive
Holding onto its true value
Given freely to those who wait
To watch each sky unfold
Into orange or pink or red
So different from the night
So different from the day
Living in between them
Reminding each of us
That life can be exciting
Its beauty often sandwiched
Between long stretches
Of busy then empty living

Smooth Stone

Noticing a small smooth Stone
I pick it up and inspect it
Then put it safely with others
Deep into my own pants pocket
Clean and smooth I feel them
Warming under my finger tips
As I walk along this path I love
This trail that follows the river
And wakes my heart with feeling
Whenever I forget myself along it
Sometimes, it offers me a stone
But only if I am ready to see it
As if the stone was never there
Before the day that I found it
Yet, as if it has waited forever
For me to notice its Smooth form
Then I stop and bend to pick it up
And carry it to a new home for now
Ancient, smooth, clean and bright
It smiles with warmth as we walk
Along the timeless river that flows
Smoothing every stone that it touches
With its gentle abrasion of wisdom
An endless truth changing forever

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Movement is a miracle
In a life that is sublime
It takes us to the healer
Or to buy organic limes

Movement is a miracle
Trees can’t understand
Wind blows into autumn
Moving leaves across the land

Wintertime for plants
Is a time for sleep or rest
Birds that fly seem restless
Just before they leave their nest

When I think of movement
I see all my furry friends
The warmer that their coats are
The less they need to spend

Movement is a miracle
That runs from here to there
The only thing that differs
Is the speed at which we scare

Friday, February 7, 2014

Barred Owl

Perched on a branch
Near the edge of the forest
Close to my open door
In the blackness of the night
Owl practices its hollow call
Ruling the world of darkness
With such confident mastery
My snoring brought the bird
Now its eerie call wakes me
And sends me into silence
Wishing to know the night
Wanting to watch the owl call
Before the sun takes the night

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Present

So many days have passed since I was a child
When I looked in a mirror to search for my future
Would I be bald or grey? Would I be strong or weak?
It really doesn’t matter to me at all any more
For the future has day by day become the present
And here I am now - just the way I am
But this moment will pass away with time
And with that passing I will stand upon new territory
And shoulder everything I value in that moment

The things that I value are fewer and fewer with time
The things I now value rest among friends and family


If I were a tree; birds would visit me
If I were the sea; fish would swim through me
If I were a tea; thirsty people would drink me
If I were a bee I would buzz for honey not money
If I were a mountain I could make rain fountains
Neither a tree, nor the sea, nor some tea, or a bee
Could ever pay the fee to live in place of me


Water is perfect
That is all that it is
Blue in a clear sky
Grey in a cloud
Clear in a glass
And white if it is cold

We need it to live
We need it to swim
We need it to drink
Or to ski on a whim

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Moment

This day could be overlooked
It could be shouldered aside
Without even thinking about it
If you weren’t moving around
Watching for spring’s surprise
But the day held its own beauty
In clouds and moisture and sun
All playing across small fields

I drove an hour through change
From clear vantages to dense fog
The world’s vignettes shook me
I felt so open and then so closed
From high up I could see forever
White cotton batting ropes of cloud
Like braided snakes across near islands
Joined white crusts of thick fog
All bellied onto dark foghorn seas

The wet and silver-squinting road
Descended darkly into a belly of cloud
Changing gradually into a dull ribbon
As cloud smudged the floating sun quiet
Hiding half of its light in the mist
Cloud moisture clung to the cool road
Waiting to embrace a warmer season
Then the road led into the light again

The road ran again from blinding silver
To wet-rubber-black when it descended
Toward the still and heavy salt ocean
Across the beach of clean wet stones
Crackled by endless fingers of waves
Each bright stone inspected and placed
Just where it needs to be right now

Thank you to the sea and the sun
For their endless joy in change
As clouds cloak me from the sun
Inside their miracles of moisture
Breaking open the moment's beauty

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The world is said to be changing
Of course everything is changing
Life arrives new in every moment
The past dies as the present arrives

And future's basket is full of our hopes
Sometimes we withdraw a good dream
Sometimes we take what is left there
It doesn’t matter because what comes
Is always new to us inviting us to dance
Inside the music of our only universe
And a life we share with all other life
In that heated moment when we are alive
In that moment when all directions are real
And our breath is as important to the land
As the wind that pulls the colored leaves
From autumn trees and then recycles them
Returning them to a place that imagined them

All growing usefully on bare branches

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The rain seems the same
As yesterday and before
But every drop is different
Did you notice the drops?

Rain can only exist
Because it happens
If it never happened
It never imagined itself

What is real is often lost
Inside a precious miracle
That forgets everything
Before we even arrive

Science and familiarity
Can dissolve the wonders
That greet our children
When we all first arrive

And after every miracle
Is named and explained
Our dreams fade into Art
In the light of ‘Artificial’

Try hard to remember:
That dreams brought us here
So embrace every miracle
With your own warm heart
Let science soothe your mind

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The rain is the same again
As it was yesterday and before that
But the drops are different
Did you notice the drops are different?
Rain can only exist
Because it happens on this earth
If it never happened
We would likely never imagine it
Just like so many other little things
Here in this precious miracle
Where we don't remember anything
Before we learn science
And use it to dissolve the wonder
That greets children
When we all first arrive
Before we fear the miracles
We name them and explain them
And our dreams become Art
In the false light of ‘Artificial’
Yet our dreams brought us here
So embrace miracles with your heart
Let science soothe your mind

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Once and maybe again
An empty lonely train
Lies us down the same
Defeated by the rain

Prisoner of our mind
No easy way to find
If truth speaks in rhyme
Differently each time

Silence writes its name
To hide us from the pain
And find invisible gain
No safety lies in fame

Anger's shimmering fear
Takes us far from here
To see its silver mirror
Don’t let that visitor steer

Now that time has passed
The world still longs to ask
Do you know your lonely task?
We can answer to the mask

Monday, December 23, 2013


I walk beside the river
The place I lived before
Today I feel the water
It’s like opening a door

I see my lonely footsteps
As my dog just follows me
Attachment is a human thing
That may never let us be

I love the place I walk on
But I miss the home I knew
These feelings are so precious
They guide me in what to do

I hear the river flowing
As I smell the winter rye
And taste the living wind
Still I dream to touch the sky

I want to be a worthy man
Live courageously and bold
So now I walk beside my dog
And let us both grow old

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Waves - Big, Broad, Bold and Broken
Coming from that invisible horizon
This boat is taking me into the storm
What disturbance is stirring the water?
Is it wind or emotional pain that seeks me?
Here, where I stand on the rich soil of life
I will calm the waves and give them peace
As they pass through me and over me
My soul is not blown by the wind
My soul is not bent by the waves
I resisted those forces before and was hurt
Now, I feel them pass where I stand
Worthy to greet tomorrow’s sunrise

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Remove your comforts
As if your clothing
Find your blessings
Far beyond your body
Where only souls wander
True blessings serve us
Beyond the place we walk
Shining bright forever
Lasting long as gold

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Written In Water

Life has brought me here
To a place I never imagined
And it is pulling at my heart
Standing in this river of pain
Seeking the moment’s truth
And a doorway to freedom
The handle turns with love

Monday, November 25, 2013


Change is a horse we ride through life
Hands resting beside its reins of strife
Becoming the present place we stand
Or riding free through changing land
On a way to a place we mean to stay
On a horse that never dreams of hay
Join us when we celebrate each day
When change leaves us to go our way

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cold and Clear

Winter weather is fast asleep
Dreaming springtime colored sheep
Living paint spread thick on land
Under Spring’s invisible hand
That renders blue above gray sand

White birds stop before they freeze
They journeyed here with hopes to feed
And choose a mate with whom to breed
Then fledge their young to fly past trees
Come fall they'll fly to southern seas

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Waiting for my time
Not just any time
It avoids arriving
While I am striving
For the next rung
On a wooden ladder

The ladder points
At Heaven’s door
Now closed against
The light and more
Of its sacred secrets

Heaven waits
To celebrate me
When I arrive
Past sixty three
Reading ancient poetry

Letting go of my body
May be the hard part
Passing by the door
May be much easier
Than anything else
I have done before

I have felt heaven here
Shining brightly through
Every present moment
I have shared with you
In every instant I wake
There is no wish to wait

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Black ducks fly high
Across the grey sky
In a ball not a V
The air is disturbed
By fast slicing flight
Just for the moment
They pass my sight
Then stillness returns
To a winter slumber
Under the grey sky
Those ducks flew by

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A heart can circle in life
Like an eagle that soars
Over good land and bad
Judgment colors our life
Circling high above land
Attaching us to life
By more than gravity
Floating in a silent breeze
Hot breath breathed by life
Freeing us from gravity
And judgment of this life

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chum Salmon

                                                                                          Sunshine Coast, BC

Chum Salmon
Found the waiting river
Beside our empty park
Near the green forest
By the farmhouse farm
There is where we like to go
To rest in nature's music
It never seems to change
Surprising us again
Chum Salmon Spawning
Splashing urgently
In the flowing river
Touching our souls
Shivering our life
Paired and unquestioning
They dig and spawn and die
Powerfully like the river flows
Their bodies given to life’s force
Digging in the gravel
As it needs to be done
Pairing and spawning
So brief but so right
And dying with honour
Giving Borrowed Bodies Back
To the Land they Love

Monday, October 28, 2013

Big leaf Maples

                                                                         Google Images

I watched a gentle breeze begin
So autumn leaves could fall again
Green and yellow and red or brown
Big maple leaves are falling down
Some are catching on the trees
Some are rolling in the breeze
They are the largest leaves around
And make a crunch when they fall down
That is the loudest sound around
Way out here on the edge of town

Falling all the way to the ground
Leaves circle slowly rotating down
Some of them, crinkled and brown
Hang in cedars that live straight down
Some don't fly they plummet instead
Brown and stranded, dry and dead
Some stick inside my neighbor's hedge
Or land on top of grass instead
To move again when the breeze is seen
Or dance with feeling across the green

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

White Geese

                                                                                 Google Images

I hear white geese call as they fly
Fog in trees feels them wash by
White feathers lift warm bodies high
Into broad V's that sprawl the sky
Geese fly unblinking above fall rye

Black crows breathe grey mist to air
And hide white geese beyond my stare
Deep blue sky must still be there
Beyond damp fog and the silent air

While ancient stones may draw a sigh
Geese come and go over crops of rye
And fade to grey in the foggy sky

Thursday, October 17, 2013


                                                                                                   Google Images
Habits form over time
Rooting deep into ritual
Their bent corners stick
Into the mud of our life
Only the strongest wind
Can blow these habits
In to our creative realm
Where action has meaning
And life breathes new air

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


                                                                                 Google Image

Fog wanders in and then warms off
Moving almost like the ocean’s tide
Rolling silently and ever so steadily
It is found sleeping on fall mornings
And visits where garden spiders spin
Marking landscapes with silver webs
I thought that spiders built their nets
For the last flying insects of summer
Their webs hardly ever catch insects
During autumn’s damp and cool time
I wonder if spiders seek water instead
Just before their winter sleep arrives
Fog’s mist can pass through any hole
But not through perfectly made webs
These webs can catch the autumn mist
Better than they will hold an insect
During this misty time of the year
Little diamonds of perfect water
Distilled from autumns moist air
On silver strands of golden sun
Do spiders use this water of change
In warm cocoons of endless sleep
To cushion the change that captures
Winter spiders in a mortal web of time
Where stillness can hide the truth
Spun into the evolutionary cloth
Of the blind ever-seeking future
Until life finds its own passion
And caries the spider with it

Monday, October 7, 2013


                                                                                                Google Images

The early morning light
Chased away the night
Cloud windows all blue
Let the sun shine through
To ride ripples on water
Distorting distant worlds
Trapping all of its colors
Reflected by our mind
Light and shadow laughing
Under the drag of breeze
Dividing a solid world
Into a changing mosaic
As colored leaves let go
Circling down to land
Some resting on the sand
Each leaf adds its beauty
Flying and landing
Each reminding me
Birth knows no meaning
As death folds its hand
And the present moment
Expands to fill the land

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Morning Dew

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Dew loves the autumn
It wakes every morning
After the night passes
Beyond its purple clouds
And bright colored stars
Watching our moon sail
Silently across the sky
Wet dew waits for me
To rise breathing mist
Into the morning stillness
And leave a dark wet trail
Of my wandering footprints
Across the sleeping grass
Before disappearing forever
Into the warming day

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wind Blown Rain

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I did yard work yesterday while it was sunny
Then it rained early morning and the wind blew
Fall leaf colors sailed everywhere all around me
When the wind stopped the rain suddenly died
I noticed summer flowers still in the garden
And green summer leaves still on their trees
Summer was poking fall to see if it would wake
But the sun had not weakened the leaf stems yet
At least not enough for them to fall into autumn
Some landed on my car and some on the ground
So I blew them around until I couldn’t see them
They are probably snagged under garden bushes
That was the best I could do with the time I had

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Fog

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Fog drapes obscure the morning
It folded in sometime last night
Dragging heavy without a breath
Over-top a silent star-less ocean
Calm and quiet entwined forever
Neither wants to raise the other
Both listen for autumn’s owner
Dressed up in warm rich colors
Now standing at our back door
Striking the season’s silent bell

Thursday, September 12, 2013


                                                                                  Google Image
Today, I walked along the river
Beside the Blackberry bushes
I plucked from all last summer
Berries that held my eye then
Shrink as they are traded for fall

Or left in place to feed the insects
Garden spiders craft morning webs
Above the yellowing summer canes
Stringing their autumn webs tight

between the bare branches of trees

Cottonwood, Alder and Willows
Grow silent along the riverbank
Contemplating their past summer
Or pondering fall’s coming color
While fat spiders spin silver webs
Perfect love for the morning sun
Rising behind fog over Blue River
Where each berry ripened its life

And held its story within its taste

The morning birds sang free

As they ran beside the river
Stop looking so you can see
Stop seeking so you can feel
And the world opened itself

As I walked along the river
I saw everything that was
The water making the river
Was unique – small particles
  Never to be together again
  Laughed with its bright joy
Trusting the river forever
To turn back toward life
  As fall colors float away

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clear Water

                                                                          Google Images
Winter water with waves
In constantly clear seas
Show fish and some birds
Swimming and flying
To places we can’t go
Except in our dreams
Or with heaps of help
A mask, snorkel and fins
And if the water’s cold
We need a special suit
To follow the fishes
In our awkward way
So it is better to stand
At the edge of the cliff
Looking down into water
To watch birds and fish
Looking for their food
In a clear winter sea
Than it is to chase them
To places we can’t feed