Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bird Song

Swainson's Thrush photograph by Larry Bond copyright 2005

What bird sings
In this forest
And what branch
Is he perched on

Does he sing
To me
Or call
To another

And rider
Passes silently through
Forest leaves

Among broad trunks
Of quiet

Under the blessing
Of a bird's
beautiful song

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winter Morning

photograph by Carl Deal copyright, all rights reserved

Ducks in darkness
Glide silently
Perfectly together
Sliding to a stop
On dawn’s heavy pond
Settling to rest
Like two slippers
On a fabric floor

Their soft swash
On the still pond
Draws brash calls
From crows on branches
Tangled in the darkness
Awakening the day
Like a fire stirred to life
From overnight embers

Morning’s light ignites
Its wash of colour
Flooding the eastern sky
Tinting all things their Hue
Black withdraws from all
Except the crow
Who keeps his morning
Colour in his call