Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Geese

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Snow geese fly across the sky
The people smile a winter sigh
Massive V’s are views that please
As white geese fly above bare trees
Spring is straight in all directions
The sky is open wide for life
Leaving tools of life behind
Geese fly for spring fully blind
Ahead of dreams that follow them
Enriched by V’s and feathered friends

Friday, January 20, 2012


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It’s such an ordinary triumph
To have lived a life this way
Old and bald and shriveled up
Now youth has dropped away

Life is there, no matter what
And it loves us like our dog
It sniffs at busy schedules
Or growls and barks at fog

Always there, bright and new
Our life just marches on
Collecting colored trinkets
Like uneven spots on fawns

There often is, a long dry time
Between each silent sea
A place I know that I can grow
My broken heart’s the fee

It took me really, really long
To wake my beating heart
And I will always love you
For your gentle soothing art

It seems I stood so many times
Before the northern sea
And cast my glance in advance
Of proceeding carefully

Cold water is like a guard dog
And it’s charge; a chilling spree
Unless we really, really want
Our treasure from the sea

Broken hearts will often mend
If we know just where we went
It seldom is the dreamy place
Our ego wanted sent

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Snow that isn’t pretty anymore
Lies exposed to sand and salt
Beside the city's travel-ways
Ones we drive here, anyway

Cold water calls to the snow
Along roadsides everywhere
Through a slippery shell of ice
Winter invited the snowflakes

The pathway along winter’s river
Pressed and crushed by footprints
Offers proof that invisible others
All passed this way before me

Even though I only feel me
And don’t see anyone else
I am connected to them all
Through my own footprints

The widgeon have all ducked
Into the river's marshy edges
And they whistle as I walk by
Through the falling snowflakes

I stop to watch the river snatch
Then hide snowflakes that fall
Unnoticed beside brown birds
Floating in their important world

Monday, January 16, 2012


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Here and there is snow
Patchy in its presence
Roads are bare in places
Drivers can’t see in others
The storm moves on its own
Here and there it is or isn’t

If snow fell everywhere
Then I would just accept it
But it is not everywhere
So I try hard to avoid it
Remembering difficult drives
Through a past that went too fast

We have had some snow now
So winter can breathe easy
As I follow lengthening days
That will slowly defeat winter
And Lead through spring to summer
When heat will rule each day

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Light

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It seems awfully bright
This harsh winter light
That just appeared outside
A cold searing surprise

I am not the only one
On this cold quiet day
To notice the sun's ray
Stir birds, trees and me
With a bold promise to be

Leaves living beneath sleep
Bold dreams on a winter day
But each of us in our own way
Knows that the world provides
Everything we will ever need

Body and Mind

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Our body and our mind
Is really all we can know
In the time we have here
It is up to us to keep them
Strong, flexible and well
And come to know them
Our mind is for learning
About the world we live in
Our body is for moving
To and from the places
We seek to see and know
Strength and flexibility
Are passed to bodies and minds
From clean air and cool water
And we crave to be full
Good food that is simple
Grows proud to serve us
And live with our hearts
As we walk in the world

Monday, January 9, 2012


                                                                                           My boys a long time ago
Children are life’s blessing granted unto itself
They stand in a place that we chose to let go of
Becoming new parents our children were babies
And all that we did was we shifted our view
Away from our self to follow their wandering

Now they outpace us with stride and bright energy
Now our eyes shift again to uncover our dreams
And finding the love that we brought into life with us
Has changed and deepened with gifts from a child
Revealing that love was our privilege to feel
As a part of god’s heart seeded life with that love

Sunday, January 8, 2012


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Time holds what has been given
It doesn’t live - it just is, as it is
It’s never been anything else
Although, it knows everything
Inside any moment it’s noticed
It never rethinks its action

It never negotiates a past
And it never doubts itself
Such things are left to us
Twisting and forcing changes
As time watches and smiles
At every button we mend

And every arm we bend

Saturday, January 7, 2012


                                                                             Google Image (Desolation Sound BC)
Sound is perfect unless we shop for it
Then it is never enough to fool our mind
Even though it enters through the same ears
And aspires to be as real as its dreams
Of living in a free natural world
Real sound is seldom questioned
But really only confirms or suggests
What is there or what must be there
Real sound emerges from the moment
But the sound we shop for needs to lie
About orchestras, singers, or a stream
And they aren't at all, nearby anymore
The pressed footprint of bought sound
Is carefully cast and then played
To prove it once passed by

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Rain

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Rain can be dreamed by a grey winter sky
Its water is cold - but not quite frozen
Into the unique patterns of snowflakes
That float silently to earth and settle
Into the sparkling white arms of others
Where they wait to melt and then mix
Into the swift rivers and placid lakes
Living between here and the dark Ocean
That accepts each drop without hesitation
Drops that will never be the same again