Thursday, June 28, 2012


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Weeks and seasons circle
With or without our breath
Wishing for our turn on top
Wanting to understand it all
Waiting with the only truth
 Its the one we always knew
The one we want to place
Beyond our broken circles
In plain view for all to see
In plain view for us to be

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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Silver salmon
Hides red blood
Never seeing itself
The way that we can
But always knowing
The only way home
Is truth in its heart
That shares with us
Life’s need for itself

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wild Flowers

                                                                     Haymeadows by Jill Colquhoun
 In a field full of flowers
Buttercups and clover
Anticipating glances they
Line paths we walk over

Warm yellow buttercups
And purple sweet clover
Are spread through the field
Hoping bees will come over

Flowers grow in meadows of hay
Bees’ pollen pouches are full today
Flowers of lupine, digitalis and phlox
All giving prizes to bees as I watch
Learning life needs us all such a lot

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Magicians captivate
Like real magic can
It may happen to us
Truth is a difference
Magicians can fool
Distracting with skill
But life shows truth
Slower than illusions
A truth is never seen
Before its moment
It rings with clarity
For ever upon ever
Knowing one truth
We never expected

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Garden

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The pleasant scent
And bold colors
Of beautiful flowers
In the garden I tend
Are gifts from the land

After sweat and love
That I gift to myself
While returning soil
To the promise of itself
I sit calm and alert
Seeing, smelling and feeling
The beauty that I touched
Now reaching out for me

Flowers 1

Flowers love the sky
Their colors greet my eye
As gravity whispers to ants
And bees that visit plants
Promising flowers forever
Unless a seed is severed

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rain onto Cedar

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Sitting in this chair
Aware of the world
Looking outside
A clear window
Here warm and dry
Beside the others
All in chairs waiting
For a doctor’s voice
To start the healing

 Meanwhile an old
Cedar tree outside
Gathers cold rain
Healing for ages
Silently familiar
In our world
But its power
Is tragically lost
To places beyond
The smell of cedar
The wetness of rain
The coolness of air
The beauty of breath
All lost to us now
Outside your gift

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cottonwood Tree

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Rain has settled the seeds
That floated from cottonwood trees
So soft in yesterday’s breeze

The seeds, it seems, were searching
For the whispered promise of spring
To unlock the life it can bring

The rain has settled some seeds
Where they landed beside the reeds
That live along the stream
Where grass grows tall as knees
And buffers protect the trees

I hope some seeds will try
To send roots below the rye
And leaves up to the sky

I will celebrate their scent
Sweet buds are heaven sent
To stand beside the stream
That flows inside my dream

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My World

                                                                             Northern Vancouver Island
Floating on water
Or riding the wind
Running with humans
Or mining for tin

Each morning’s miracle
Greets me the same
With deeper acceptance
Than my given name

Where did I come from
And where will I go
How long will I be here
And what will I know

How long will this life last
What purpose are dreams
What draws me to rivers
And ties me to streams

I am here and I love it
I am anxious with heart
But surrendering will
Is a very fine art

Sun glints off glass
From a far away boat
Riding the waves
Over seabed it floats

To know is a gift
That all of us learn
But feelings of oneness
Are elusive to earn

All of these questions
Can answer themselves
As life goes on living
Inside its own shell

The truth of our being
Our soul and our self
Is no more important
Than being yourself'