Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My World

                                                                             Northern Vancouver Island
Floating on water
Or riding the wind
Running with humans
Or mining for tin

Each morning’s miracle
Greets me the same
With deeper acceptance
Than my given name

Where did I come from
And where will I go
How long will I be here
And what will I know

How long will this life last
What purpose are dreams
What draws me to rivers
And ties me to streams

I am here and I love it
I am anxious with heart
But surrendering will
Is a very fine art

Sun glints off glass
From a far away boat
Riding the waves
Over seabed it floats

To know is a gift
That all of us learn
But feelings of oneness
Are elusive to earn

All of these questions
Can answer themselves
As life goes on living
Inside its own shell

The truth of our being
Our soul and our self
Is no more important
Than being yourself'