Thursday, May 23, 2013


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Physical, emotional and spiritual
Three rungs of an endless ladder
Rungs that can never be climbed
In the usual way of ascending
You know, left foot above right foot
One over the other until the top
It seldom seems to work like that
We raise ourselves by longing alone
And although the rungs are separate
When our love is true and unlimited
The three planes touch and merge
Making all things simple and easy
And the knots that tie the strands
Can never be teased apart by man

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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We live in a cloud’s shadow
Worshiping the sun above it
Waiting for a moment's proof
When sunlight fades a rain cloud
We have chosen for our home

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fine Weather

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Fine mist followed fine weather
The sun shone silently and steady and strong
Every day of the week till now
The mist has brought everything back to new
Returning it to a bright memory
All things renew and become wiser for time
As we mistakenly measure things
By the mysteries of lifespan and awareness
Diluting ourselves as a species
By differences in education, jobs or money
Whatever things make us bigger
Not just happy, not just healthy but bigger
Longer or taller than the others
Except for those we silently long to absorb
Before we measure ourselves again
Loosing the longing that brought us here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


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The sun is seldom seen
Where it has always been
Floating across the sky
Each and every day
It rides or sails away
Into space it trails
As earth spins, wobbling
Fully waxing, partly waning
Muted behind soft veils
Tethered tight by light
That disappears at night
Forever changing seasons
Behind the onion skin of now
Following life's dream onward

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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The sun is here to stay
For summer anyway
Then days get short
And sun sets low
As autumn comes
The grass will grow

The sun can’t see her shadow
It is drowned out by her light
And we'll never see a shadow
That lives in the dark of night


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Ice and water
In a glass half full
I watch and listen
Waiting for something
But nothing happens
I swirl the glass
Nothing still happens
So I add more ice
Raising the glass
To my breathing nose
Swirling steam
Out of the glass
So I add more water
To slippery ice and air