Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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January waits like a new suit
Hung in the future of our closet
Its design seeded in our past
At a place that was too small
When we belonged to the moment
A moment that captured us and asked
What we loved and wanted to feel
Pictures and feelings floated
Inside our private spaces
They answered January’s taunt
Life is short and each of us
Is so limited in our ability
To translate the love we feel
That now we greet January
In every new year 


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December darkness
Family stirs bright

In shortening days
The night is dark
As clouds cast rain
And find us hiding
In places we know
But never forget
Till June pulls us
Outside ourselves
Cast into summer
Serving the world
With endless joy
Or scalded feelings
Over wet clay roots
Of life then death
Today then again
Feel the difference
  Of quietly taking
Or boldly living
In the present
That we wait for
  Or the present
We fold into

Friday, December 23, 2011


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There is a certain human beauty
In remembering riches from the past
There is a certain human beauty
In seeding promises to the future
There is also a human beauty
That regards neither of these two
  Always loving the now that moves
Quite hot and richly hollow at first
As children, animals, and friends
Greet our souls through their eyes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Life fades fully
Real as a dream
We wide-eyed
Standing alone
Seeing the headlights
Of our own future
Approach without
Judgment or malice
Knowing our wishes
Marking our place
Soft pencil lines
On door frames
Caring belongs
To life itself
Not protecting
But helping us
To reach wiser
And richer ground
Than ever before

Thursday, December 8, 2011


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Lavender and mustard
Sweet sleeping fragrance
Slender on a breathing breast
Touching all the countryside
Morning’s sun-dried song
Joins an early bakery
Loving vineyards far beyond
Those gentle turns of cows
Everything dancing through
 The heart of its own beauty

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Monday, December 5, 2011


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Now is an important instant
Not a journey into the future
Not a reflection into the past
Now's unknown is infinite
Till stepping stones appear
That lead away from here

It is no wonder we get confused
Living on the knife edge of now
Squeezed between past and future
Until present moments disappear
As surprises from the future
Seeking to orbit in our past
Flash through the present
Bright like shooting stars
To rest still as a mountain
In our timeless past