Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter Storm

Today was traveled by a storm
That was born during the night
It took hold of the ocean
And tore branches from the forest
Then it came rushing for me
But it could not squeeze through
The narrow gap in my window
Yet it was so full of sound
That it woke me

Early in the morning
I walked through the forest
To a point of land
On the edge of the sea
To meet the storm
White edges of broken water
Along the sharp folds of waves
Were nearly eight feet high
And half a mile long
The waves ran in straight lines
At an angle toward the shore
The surface of the sea was white
And the whole ocean seemed disturbed

I looked out on the water -
Not a single boat
I wondered about the sealions
And the seals and the otters
And the seagulls and eagles
Everything was missing
Or waiting somewhere
For the storm to soften
It just wasn’t happening

I noticed the cove
Just north from where I stood
The water in there
Was quiet - its opening
Was angled so the waves
Passed by without entering
And the wind ran overhead
I thought of that still place within us
That may be rippled on occasion
But can stay steady in the storms
That challenge our own shores
It’s gentle truth invited me to smile
Then reminded me to breathe

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


All that we are not
And all that lies beyond
Already knows us
As self

One day we will
Greet our self
As those things
Already do

If not here and now
Then beyond
Death’s threshold
Where blindness
Is left behind

Friend and Lover

Friend and Lover
Fused together
Love and
No half
Can survive
Without the other
They need
To live
With us or
Without us
We can not
Separate them
They would both die
Longing for