Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Sometimes life feels like the sun’s light
Bright warmth finding us from the outside
Yet it only shines on us for a short while
Before the night holds us in its arms again
Offering a view of the stars and the moon
Things left behind, unseen in the day's light
Sun's promise to return quenched by color
Drunk into soft darkness by a thirsty sea
As we watch satisfied by life’s sweetness
So alive in that exciting precious moment
That seems to sit still until we look away
Then retrieve it again and again and again
Until we remember the one who is beside us
Watching the same sun set in their own way
Feeling important to time and love and life
Before night stars whisper into our dreams

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Today has always been a cloudy, rainy day
It has been since I woke to disagreeing birds
Scolding an owl perched in a tree near their nest
I heard the crows first then finally the owl called
My day has been the same – silent predators sighted
Waiting for money or other things that I don't have
I did all that I could then brought myself to the river
Immediately, I thought I needed to see a fish jump
Over there in quiet water so I could be sure I saw it
I watched red bodies glisten above muddy water before
I have seen it but not today when I thought I needed to
That is nature’s way – to serve its own master - not me
But a smooth wet stick floated expertly on the river
It went right by me, turning and rolling in the current
I watched and lost myself - more than if a fish had jumped
That is nature’s way – offering unpredictable richness
In its own, ever-changing and always present moment

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spider Lake

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Water on the dark pond is still right now
And I do not look away when I see into it
I am detached - unafraid to see the bottom
The sunken trees, soft mud and rusty cables
That line the edge of the lake look dangerous
Lying there silently they tangle fearful minds
Awakening fear through our obscured blindness
Stealing swimmers breath by unforgiving touch
Hiding there forever under the rippling breeze
Of changing times, forever jealous of our life
As they listen to the bark of finning fish sing
And feel the empty tickle of leaches landing
While snails trail across slippery green algae
That slowly replaces a branch’s brown bark
As it falls away in slow-motion from a tree

Landing alone on the lake’s muddy bottom

Thursday, June 13, 2013


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I wish it wasn’t this way
Lost inside of life’s confusion
Never leaning the other way
Yes, I learned to be human
And that was no simple task
But I must have learned well
As my dog follows me closely
Never once have I left him behind
And I only feel love for his being
Sometimes more than for mine
Even when I don't understand him

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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Listening to Latin music
Falling asleep in sweet perfection
Waiting for the weather to change
Hearing the voice of springtime birds
And satisfied with summer clouds
That run ahead of their season
Unconcerned about their world below
But I think and dream of them now
Cotton batting high up in blue sky
Aware of me like a proud parent
One who walked loyally behind me
still visible and silent but high above
Still steering away rocks that threaten
And helping fight strangers that challenge

One Life Forever

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A handsome baby boy
Was born into the land
  Standing tall and strong
As he grew into a man
He kissed a pretty girl
And joined her gentle soul

They made a baby girl
Before he went to war
Shot among his friends
He died in soldier hands
He was carried to a plane
And taken to his land

Still before his wife
  Lay a tattered flag of strife
Grieving through the flag
She missed him with her heart
So buried him in ground
  Spring flowers all around

The pretty girl grew up
While daddy wasn’t there
She loved her mommy so
And shared her golden hair
She never knew her dad
His absence very sad

Thursday, June 6, 2013


                                                                                       change is good Yahoo
I so seldom look for change
And I never embrace darkness
But running away forced change
While reaching beyond my balance
Before the burn of longing left
Uncovering my biggest prizes
The ones that I remember best
The ones that I carried longest
Places that grew comfortable
As I watched dreams fade dim
Now I walk fear burning bright
Deep in my heart beside love
While we approach a future
That neither of us can know
But will wait for us forever
The precious moment of now

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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Come to the clouds with me
Do you remember them at all?
Walk with me among them
Then float with them yourself
We will know you are there
In your sky of authenticity
We will still see you there
When you cannot see yourself
And we will share that joy
Right across our lifetime sky
As it finds us for a moment
Or for days and then forever
Each and every one of us


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Did you find it waiting?
Was it resting in plain view?
Or was it hidden in a shadow?
Did you take a risk to reach it?
Or does it still wait in silence?
Know it is the time to move on
When you cannot remember
Where you have come from
Or where you dream to go
In this mystery of your life
that belongs to you alone

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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 Watching for one wave
Waiting for one wife
Whistling for service
Why am I not special
When I am wanting


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Remembering the past
Dreaming of the future
Lost before the present
Waves run in the ocean