Sunday, May 29, 2016


Cloaked in grey, white and black
The cat was easily overlooked
On a ledge of the bare rock face
That spans across the back yard
He was waiting perfectly still
Under gentle swaying shadows
Of leaves and branches that float
Silently across the rock face
The Kitty holds motionless
An ancient predator is hiding
Still and silent on a rock ledge

I noticed him waiting there
And felt the timeless danger
Of that steady threatening gaze
As the backyard predator crouched
I watched and waited in frozen time
While bees buzzed with purpose
And Butterflies fluttered loops
Above and below the hidden cat
Unaware of his presence
While Kitty was just being
Just who he's always been

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Breeze

Leaves unseen in the first breeze of spring
All found places on bare branches of winter trees
Not even one single leaf was left unfastened
They attached, then unfurled and grew so fast
I hardly even noticed them appear in my garden
Now every leaf instinctively follows the sun
Holding forever to branches over fresh cut grass
The leaves rustle in the cool afternoon breeze
As the spring wind plays with the chime
That hangs expectantly at a corner of our porch
Hummingbirds, bees and dragonflies are working
Adding their life music to the rustle of new leaves
While the neighbour muscles an old power mower
Over large rocks hidden in the tall grass
Scattered here and there in a neglected yard
That sound overwhelms the delicate symphony
of Spring that I have been listening to

When the breeze falls off
And the power mower stops
The wind chimes hang silent
But now I hear the song of a Robin
running across the yard
And the buzz of a black bee squeezing
Under sun warmed siding behind me
As the cat sleeps curled

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seeing and Believing

There are some things
We can never really see
The sun shines so bright
It overwhelms our vision
And the universe of stars
That burn bright beyond it
Never appear with the sun
Yet they're certainly there

Special is the quiet star
When we glimpse it in the sky
If we try to look right at it
It disappears from our sight
Though we know it is there
Just like the sun
Just like a distant star
Just like God