Monday, September 26, 2011


Water whispers sweet and blue
Crystal beauty shimmering
From summers of our mind
While frozen blocks of thirst
Melt gritty into fields of greed
Surrendering sweet forgiveness
Water’s envisioned embrace
A whispered intimacy
Spills life on all in need

Saturday, September 24, 2011


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I don’t think I realized
Just how fragile we are
Or how strong we can be
When we see the truth
And don’t look through it

When we love our self
No more than all others
That we stand among

When youth and age
And life and death
Are soft human dreams
That sleep behind truth
But stand beside life

Youth and age and life
Never loved me more
Than any neighbor
Still I reached out
As they passed by me
Both of us empty-handed

Now, I face the truth
Holding life full-hearted
Walking with the miracle
That never left my side

Monday, September 19, 2011


On a grand day when the sun is strangely new
And I can feel from deep within my longing
It holds the gift I brought to stand beside the sun

The simple courage to ride love’s wake
And rest a child within this womb
To find its light and feel its warmth
Catching sparks from spinning stones

Every heart knows the wheel that turns within in the sun
And warms the heart of others that stand alone before it
Help us know through every night the sun is always there

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not Ever

Never is a part of always
Sharing all it is with nothing
Owning everything that knows it
The emptiness between the paint
Bare page between the words
Quiet breath beneath a song
And love between loathing
It has its own importance


I am separate from belonging
So afraid of lies and wronging
I listen only to my longing
Ears attuned to gentle gonging

All I want to feel is love
Searching for its gentle glove
Finding only push and shove
Ruffled feathers from above

Take me fast and take me early
Bring me home dancing whirly
Life can seem sometimes surly
Standing soft but muscles burly

Happy that my soul can stand
Underneath my feet like sand
Wishing for each wave to land
Soft and warm beneath my hand

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sun

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On a grand day
When the sun
Is strangely new
And I can feel
From deep within
My longing that was brought
To stand within the sun

Such simple courage
Riding love’s wake
To become life's child
Standing with the sun
Finding its light
Feeling its warmth
Catching bright sparks
From a spinning stone

I know in my heart
I will become the wheel
That turns within the sun
And warms the heart of others
That stand alone before it
Until beyond that moment
Help me always know
The sun is always there

Monday, September 12, 2011


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The long and deep vibration
That rises through my body
Is from this world - not from me
From the very center of the earth
Where fire is reborn
Into every new moment it finds
It paints the meaning of its knowing
Across a silent night of stars
While we watch the beauty unfold
Such intimate sharing of body and voice
Helps me watch my own feelings flower
Into the truth of life’s longing
And to know the privilege of seeing
Truth find its freedom so easily
Even from the dark prison
Of our own borrowed thoughts

Hot Dry Days

An unachievable
Dark and dusty blue
Is clustered into Oregon Grapes
On September’s colored branch
Guarded behind the stabbing pain
Of sharp dry needles, molded
Into short pointed fingers
Stationed along the warped edge
Of little brittle red and brown leaves
Dropped from the protective sweater
Of a young and tender plant
Food favored by deer

The bracken has given up green
For parched yellow in late summer
And waits in shrinking form and detail
For water to play its miracle
From passing clouds or tending gardeners
It really doesn’t matter
No thanks is ever whispered
Just a change from yellow to green
No stories of colorful marches
Back to here from deaths edge
The threshold that waits for bracken
Returning it to the dirt that dreamed

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Child’s Vision

Children of nature
Feel a heart beating
In their own chest
And follow its footsteps
Forward through space
Backward through time
Leading them home
Where they started
Such a different color

Friday, September 2, 2011


There are times in my life
When I feel lonely
And I feel anxious
As if I am all alone
Stuck in this body
Lodged in this time
I know it doesn’t matter
What side of life’s line
We stand on - it is the same
Hard work, maybe suffering
If we choose it
If we can’t shed suffering
Tears can drown freedom
Each day they find a way
Down our cheeks
From the flame in our gut
As they try to leave our body
But listening carefully
A strong knowing of truth
Surfaces through our body
Unafraid of mind
And finding a voice
It says “I am with you”
And “relax into me child
There is no need to seek me
In this beautiful place
That has called you
And found you
Willing to be

Your challenge is young
Compared to the wire some walk
Where the most careful creation
Can never be owned
But is forever a friend of life
And such a friend
That many seek and serve
Their need to be free
From a solitary existence
So let go of what you think you love
Offer your strength to life
And nourish us all