Friday, September 2, 2011


There are times in my life
When I feel lonely
And I feel anxious
As if I am all alone
Stuck in this body
Lodged in this time
I know it doesn’t matter
What side of life’s line
We stand on - it is the same
Hard work, maybe suffering
If we choose it
If we can’t shed suffering
Tears can drown freedom
Each day they find a way
Down our cheeks
From the flame in our gut
As they try to leave our body
But listening carefully
A strong knowing of truth
Surfaces through our body
Unafraid of mind
And finding a voice
It says “I am with you”
And “relax into me child
There is no need to seek me
In this beautiful place
That has called you
And found you
Willing to be

Your challenge is young
Compared to the wire some walk
Where the most careful creation
Can never be owned
But is forever a friend of life
And such a friend
That many seek and serve
Their need to be free
From a solitary existence
So let go of what you think you love
Offer your strength to life
And nourish us all

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