Thursday, August 23, 2012


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We are not important
And when we can see that
We are God itself – no less
And no more either
Fully here and fully there
In everything and everywhere
Needing nothing going nowhere
Outside of time and outside of self
Inside of life, vibrating light
Here for everything to see
Here for anything to be
Unafraid of death
Unafraid of life
Here and Now
Finds me

The Sea

                                                                                     NOAA Photograph
The sea doesn’t know
Any language or material
That sunbathes on its back
Across the wide salt sea
The ocean hasn’t got a clue
But if it floats - junk can ride
Flotsam and jetsam too
The ocean never judges
While its waves splash truth
From distant lands and other people
All struggling to float
Just as we do too

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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Hurting from hunger
Hurting from shame
Hurting from taxes
Wincing in pain

Laughing with thunder
Laughing with names
Laughing with taxmen
Riding on trains

Angry at noises
Angry at loss
Angry at girlfriends
Sitting on moss

Frightened by rice wine
Frightened by beds
Frightened by salmon
Spawned out and dead

Joyful as children
Joyful as one
Joyful in friendship
Warm in the sun

All of our time here
Grows full like a tree
No one can know that
Until they are free

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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If you notice me
I will hold your life
And treat you well
And give you peace
To dream through
This darkness
And will wake you with
A kiss from the earth
When we both rise
To a new morning

Thursday, August 9, 2012


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It isn’t all there is
But it is enough
To make a difference
Some of the time
In the way we feel
Toward ourselves
And all the others
That we walk with
Through private places
That never really ask us
What is most important
And what we need to follow
To keep from getting lost