Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Flowers in the garden
Yellows of all hues
More blue
And red
Inviting but not soliciting
To be lived

Dark and thin
Neon blue at its tip
(Who asked why)
On the rail
In front of my eyes
My place set
In the middle
Of a miracle

Named for its sound
Two feet away
Straw in a pink flower
With rufus colors
Aglow in the sun
Ever changing
Buzzing wings electric hum
Piercing me

Relaxing is impossible
In front of this creature
Whose body burns
So much faster
Than mine

Puts this fire out
Starts another blaze

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Stream

A stream flows where there wasn't one before
Cool water where long grass wept with thirst
A path for the salmon to follow
A place for the frogs to call
A stream that flows from the heart
Leaves a footprint pressed in sand
While seeds from the land
Lodged in my sweater
Softly hum the music
Of this place

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic Moment

At the end of a day
The sun’s light
Warm and soft
But bright
Brings a new clarity
To everything it touches
Just as the end
Of our own days
May reveal a truth
That stood unnoticed
In every earlier moment
Of our lives

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sun

Even if we can’t look at it
We still mold its image in our minds
Shifting, changing it to suit our stance
Fashioning it as we need it to be
Because it comes every day
We can fail its truth and say
I know what is there
I know what will come
I serve it well enough
Even if we really don’t know it at all
Even if we don’t respect it enough
But because it is there every day
We will have just enough to live by
Until we know
Everything is connected
And the sun’s arrival
Is purely a miracle