Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter Moisture

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Winter moisture is always there
To buffer any change that comes
As it locks the doors on darkness
And closes the windows on light
It changes the sound of tires
It changes the brightness of sun
It hides forever the comfort of day
Winter is tied tight to short days
As it sleeps with an angled sun
Its privacy is a gift that is given
Through the goodness of loving hearts
And the smiles of confident courage
As raindrops form before falling
The privacy of clouds generously draped
To cover one million naked bodies
All of them see-through except for
One single solitary speck of dust
Imprisoned but floating in crystal purity
Free in a single water droplet
That waits for our story to unfold
For a destination to reveal itself
Giving freedom to all who hear it
And freedom to all who need it

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Waves from all the working boats
Are forgotten after finding shore
Leaving no trace behind
I watch them silently
As they approach
Seldom arriving
Along the noisy shore
Before their vessel fades
Around a bend in the river
Leaving no trace of either behind
And their moment passes for ever

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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A season from elsewhere
Caught me by surprise
As it paused in front of eyes
And greeted me from darkness
Just a nod without surprise

With no malice in its heart
It bumped me from the start
Then perched me on life’s shelf
To listen for my self
Just like I would do
If I were there to choose
Winter’s cold and wet
Or summer hot and dry

But this season is different
Leaves don’t grow or fall
Through this winter met by all
And if I were just a tree
This season would seem to me
One solitary winter
After harvesting a life

It’s just the way I knew
And like the way I drew
But now I am deciding
Where to go from here
Prickly autumn harvest and
Life’s beauty help me steer

Monday, October 22, 2012


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Frost's cold fur found my window
The car starts but frost remains
There is nothing to do but wait
The engine will warm and melt the frost
What can I do except sit on a cold seat?
Remembering the freeze of last winter
And then the heat of last summer
And then the heavy rain of last fall
Here I am in the cold, again
Waiting for my engine to warm
And melt these feathers of frost

Isn't the world full of wonder?


The human mind and soul
Experiencing hollow longing
Echoed through dark halls past
Long ago emptied of people
Warm friends and bright breath
Long departed and long forgotten
As if a chapter were completed
And left to sleep under settling dust

That place was important to us all
That moment knew our joy of living
Lost in our selves yet closer to god
Giving and sharing and blessing
All in the same fullness of a moment
All in the same darkness of knowing
Lit by love and warmed by our hearts
In a time and place important to us all

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


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The whales swam hungry
And the dolphins swam fast
Everything seemed confused
Even the tide was surprised
Till the natural world spoke

Right and wrong were seeded
Into land that had hardened
Old friends became enemies
When life shouldered death
Yet none could complain
Death always shadowed life
We only imagined control
And let the world humor us

We lost our will to move ahead
By the force of our own body
We stood watching confused
As if precious time was stolen
By the ground we walked upon
And by the air we breathed, the
Water we drank - the food we ate
Every moment here was important

Everything is fair
When you know the rules
And follow the sun
And love the land
Everything is fair

Monday, October 15, 2012


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Today sits firm in the belly of fall
As the weather wanders into winter
Stars sway behind night's dark drape
Late mornings rouse sleepy or lost
Behind their wet veil of grey clouds
Clouds have lined up past all horizons
Dragging full with water but uncertain
Where to place their precious self
Day or night on ocean or mountain?

Clouds are generous in their giving
The close of our warm dry summer
Was inevitable, as it always has been
Choose jackets, hats, socks or boots
To frame a warm and grateful body
As you walk through your seasons

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Past

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It hurts every time
It never flies away
It can never forgive
It has never been
Even present
It has never been
Or there
Or anywhere
I am human because

I am human
And there is no other reason
For this insanity
Just the mind I brought with me
All for a good purpose

Friday, October 5, 2012


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How do you let the poison out?
When the snake swallows you whole
And there are no fang marks to suck

When the venom is all around you
All you can do is to is turn into light
To caress the love that is yours to hold
And let go of misfortune for love
As if you are climbing a mountain
As if you are flying from a nest
As if you are breathing life itself
Into the Buddha’s broken body

Forget your own unconscious butterfly
This may give you the air you need
To flutter your wings and fly away

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On Becoming

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I read a poem touching me
Urging me to think and feel
  The future holds tomorrow
None of us will be the same
Body/mind may not remain
The past a solid body stain
We never died from the
‘…exhaustion of becoming’
We died from ‘satisfaction’
Of liking what we became
Of getting what we wanted
Living every day the same
Exhausted staving change
Ending life by ended change
Now let your body / mind go
Embrace life’s changing tide
Enjoy the mysterious way
The puzzle assembles to say
Miracles of awareness
Are flames of life itself

Thry flicker with change