Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter Moisture

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Winter moisture is always there
To buffer any change that comes
As it locks the doors on darkness
And closes the windows on light
It changes the sound of tires
It changes the brightness of sun
It hides forever the comfort of day
Winter is tied tight to short days
As it sleeps with an angled sun
Its privacy is a gift that is given
Through the goodness of loving hearts
And the smiles of confident courage
As raindrops form before falling
The privacy of clouds generously draped
To cover one million naked bodies
All of them see-through except for
One single solitary speck of dust
Imprisoned but floating in crystal purity
Free in a single water droplet
That waits for our story to unfold
For a destination to reveal itself
Giving freedom to all who hear it
And freedom to all who need it