Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Anxiety is a prickly vine
Growing into the negative
Stirring the fears we hid
Deep in the blue shadows
Of a life we left behind
Anxiety can re-ignite
In these dark places

We all tried to outrun it
A basement bogey-man
That lived by the furnace
Or in the closet of a room
Or under our bed as a child
Inside the neighbors shrubs

They never ever ate or slept
Or appeared in front of eyes
But they lived and breathed
In the darkness of a room
In the blackness of hearing
Around us in dark shadows
Lit dimly by our imagination
Waiting for us to be alone
Waiting to be fed our soul
Even in our dreams we flew

Bring light to dark places
You can find courage there
Where once the empty shell
Of our fear was filled by mind
Confront it in peace and find
The light of a simple truth
Can heal the oldest wounds

Friday, September 21, 2012


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Words change softly over time
And years become gentle waves
That rearrange gravel beaches
With every tide in every season
Again and again without any reason
It was in summer’s ocean of life
That we grabbed for a hold on self
To feel warm sun and cold rain
To know our body’s hunger
And learn which way to turn
To gratify our longing soul
When the last storm approached
We sought hard to let go again
Regaining wisdom from our pain

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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The mouse realized
And then accepted
That it was a mouse
Loosing itself to the cat
Dazed and wounded
The mouse taught the cat
That indeed, it was a cat
Even though that cat
Loved the mouse so much
And had liked it forever
  But it still doubted itself
Until it killed the mouse
And lost a friend forever

Monday, September 10, 2012


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The rocks in the path
All struggle through dirt
  Shedding fall leaves from
Their shoulders and backs
Breaking up dirt and earth
Smoothed by striding souls
Wearing boots or carrying bowls
Scuffing stone and flattening grass
Held in dirt’s ancient grasp

Warm in the sun
And bright in the rain
Emerging through seasons
Under mushrooms, near trains
Tracing the stars past clouds
And through trees
Loving their places
Beside the fish under bees

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Stars in the silent sky
Tall over fragrant trees
Dark with bright sparks
Dancing so perfectly
Circling so slowly
Drifting down
All knowing
Greet my silence
From so far away
Sharing their longing
Quenching our thirst
Through beauty
And silence