Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sea

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The Sea holds enough salt near its soul
To tear in gratefulness and tear in sorrow
It sends its waves that track forever home
Until they find their own birth beach
Loving memories of flickering light
Ebb in souls that won’t look back
After its tide has turned to flood

People hiding, people ashamed
Pile the waste of sin into tide's arms
Blood and bone wrapped in dear cape
Herring eggs spoiled on slippery kelp
Urchins colored and black with stench
Hedge trimmings that tidied a yard
Dog poop in bags thrown to waves

Human visits toward dark's own solitude
At beaches when we all know better
Can only ever scald the sea with sorrow
While we feel the pain of crime in our gut
Sins forgotten by waves that wash them

Stopping, I watch the sun's last moments
Blessing the sea with rich evening colors
Seeking out memories to live in forever

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day (4,22,2012)

Earth day is important
It is important to us all
Too bad it is only one day
A birthday to reminds us
How precious this place is
And how well it serves us
Yet we take it for granted
Most days we walk on it
Most meals we eat on it
The breaths we breathe
Earth is mother to us all
Nature often claims us
But life delivered us here
A seed in our own shell
That needs to break apart
For us to be the life we are

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Hug

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If I could then I would
Give you what you want
But I am bad at guessing
Even worse at reading minds
My truth is that I love you
As I listen to my heart
And stand with you in stillness
Knowing smiles that understand
That is all I want from heaven
Living here upon this land

Spring Celebration

                                                                           National Geographic Image
Cottonwood, Cherry and Alder
Silent beside a grey clay path
Awaken to the beautiful songs
Spring birds in changing worlds

Leafing trees celebrate Spring
Unwrapping sticky scented buds
Black branches fuzzing with life
Unfurling silk as light-green leaves

Greening ground littered by trees
Casting bud coats, catkins and cones
To chase away the winter winds
Holding Spring's magic moon

New leaves have never known
That sun burns beyond blue sky
Yet, their partnership will work
Together they will grow a tree

By walking across winter's land
Breaking through its lonely crust
We have found our way to Spring
Warm sun, leaves, sweet melodies

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bald Eagle

                                                                                 Flickr Image
I looked up and saw a hummingbird
The very same bird I know so well
Perched atop an unripe alder
On a bank above the river
Rooted firm at the edge of spring
Now, bursting bark and budding
Before leafless trees nearby
It is the first time I noticed
Anna perched on that tree top
Her iridescence usually tops a dogwood
She waited all through winter watching
Me and my dog walk by every day
Anna has been patient but good
After passing by today I looked back
At the tree for the pointy-beaked bird
But I could not see him in front of the sun
Yet, high above the tree soared an eagle
Strong and still but it was moving so fast
It seemed quiet and motionless up high
Its flight seemed tireless as a dream
Though we hardly ever look for it


                                                                                            Google Image
I notice how geese paddle
Floating among the others
On the quiet flooded river
Their calls unmistakable
Loud and disharmonious
Yet confident and proud
Then beautiful and simple
Filling the world with life
Drawing souls from dreams
And other worlds beyond
Winged banjos flying low
Across the waking river