Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Tree

Lit-up trees are beautiful
They can’t be understood
Christmas only lets truth stand
Privately remembering the land
Where the tree left its roots
While we feed it water
Not to help it live
But to protect us
From its bright flame of dry anger
Baubles and their boxes
Fondly remember Christmas’ past
They all belong to this time of year
In their own certain way
They shed all our past worries
And sing only with fondness
For those who are here
And for those who are not
How can you give such gifts
After we do such things to you

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moments of Knowing

We all have
Moments of knowing
Accepting a past
Understanding the present
Embracing a future
All three alive
In the seed
And the flower
Of a simple moment
Held in our heart
Untarnished by thought
A bird’s flight
Through the forest
Of all things
Gently embracing
All truth
In that precious moment
When everything

is still

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Winter in darkness
Strains at its solstice
A leather tether
In the casual hands
Of an unthinking child
Spinning the round weight
Of a heavy world
Faster and faster
Over a head filled
With full moon
The rest of us sleeping
Winter windows open
Listening to the world
Orbit and spin faster
Through the steady air
Hearing and feeling
Wind brush through tops
Of needled forest trees
This place stuck tight
To the surface of the land
Where we sleep safely
Fastened under covers
Tethered to our dreams

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I like
Walking beside you
On this path
That appeals to us both
But really it is
The echo of my laughter
In your eyes
That draws me on
Through the brightening
Landscape of our friendship

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ocean

She welcomes every river
That flows down into
Her always open arms
Nourished by salt and abundance
Ten thousand voices hum
Life's ever-changing melody
With gratitude
As the ocean dances
Within the moon’s embrace
Spinning under stars
Born in darkness
Between sleeping breaths

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Leaves

Wet brown broken leaves
Stuck to the end of their branch
Single, separated flags
Flutter in the winter wind
Now long past autumn
And still they can’t fall
From where they’re stuck
To whippy branches
Way out there at the end
Of the tree’s most flexible part
They seem trapped
Like a fish on a line
The wind can’t blow them
Off their flexible perch
And gravity won’t pull them
They rest there in their death
Simply proving
That the sleeping tree lives
In spite of the earth
That calls the leaf back

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oregon Junco

Efficient in the cold
Followed close by the flit
Of your own white streaked tail
And all of your similar friends

The two white tail feathers
Are just a part of the package
So is your little black crash helmet
That seems no good at all


Frost’s thin shirt
Covers everything
Fuzzy cold crystals grow
Through winter’s sleeping stillness
Wind chimes hang heavy outside
One eye open
Listening for any sound
In the forest
So wanting to be found
By the slightest winter breeze
To free its inspired music
And urge the last bright
And colored leaves to
Fall through autumn’s spell
During earliest morning light
Before sun can prove its presence
And while salt lamp still
Shines through
Into the clear heart
Of fluorite that waits
Patiently beside me
While I sleep

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wren

Tiny, fluffy and brown
You share your whole world
With your friend - a partner
Flitting from ground to branch
Chatting through the world
I notice one of your legs
Stiff and pointed back
It does not touch the ground
Its been broken a long time
I can tell that
I watch your mind fly
Through the universe
It never trips on your leg
It never even points there
I feel your warm presence
What a big truth to know
Thanks for showing me
How you fly

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


An Eagle circles
I know it well
Six years
It has lived here
In the trees
On its nest
With its mate
With its young
Calling to us
From its maker
Letting us know
There’s nothing personal
In its flight or perching
In its fishing or calling
It is just an eagle
Half as dangerous
As we can be
Still, it reminds me
I am mortal
Just unnoticed
On this precious land


Still raining
Always raining
In the grace
Of gentle rain
To find

Monday, November 29, 2010


The light seems flat today
The river full and silent
A lone duck calls out
The urgency of fresh loss
In the tone of its voice
Deeply alone without reason
Lost to the river in this season
Unseen to all except the current
That tries to carry its soul into safety

I don’t know
What is missed
Or even what is lost
But this feeling
That is so very deep
Can never be hidden
From the world again
The hollow echo of joy
Inside of my heart

When wind returns
It will take this
Precious shadow
Plucked from deep
Within the river
Away with it again
But in this moment
It sings to me

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ancient Dance

Fly in a Vee
Often shifting places
While the Vee remains true
In an unmeasured sky of knowing
A divining wedge cleaved from here and
Aimed for there -  A perfect ancient memory
That lives outside of time but can define a season
The season of coming                                                  
And the season of going                                                      
Both smooth turning points                                                          
 Attaching to either one always invites the wolf
And freezing or starving can find you only if chosen
Old age comes soon enough breathing gentle forgiveness

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Three thousand
Three million
Three billion
Ice dancers twirling
Grace floating in air
Each crystal unique
Beauty in free fall
One died on my tongue
One bounced off my eye
  A beautiful sight
Early morning light
Snowflakes are sliding
Sideways out of air
Kissing black water
Embracing the river
  Rushing warm greetings
Each frozen spark
Shedding uniqueness
Each crystal thought
Dreamed in the air
Before it returned home
  To join Grandfather River
In the irresistible
Journey of joy
Through sameness
And change

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Ducks

Winter ducks float by
Across a rippled grey sky
Below the dike I walk on
Just beyond the narrow marsh
That lives along the river’s margin
This secret place where marsh hides
Her collection of naked forest trees
Logs that lay still and rot among reeds
Ducks float close by on top of the rippled sky
While the tide changes direction - but not her heart
Humming an irresistable song to delight the moon's pull
Mallard, pintail, widgeon
All together single-file
A winter parade
Silent and motionless
Float upstream with meaning
Along the spiky edge of rushes
That defines the river’s margin
I have always loved these birds
That stay here for the winter
They just arrived yesterday
And somehow I am happy
To see them again

Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Rain

Sometimes rain shrinks us
Its impersonal manner
Draws cold shoulders up
And pulls a wet head down
As sore knees stiffen
And numb feet follow
A dog that doesn’t mind
My sight falls on pebbles

Sometimes we notice
We are the only ones out
And the rain invites me
And my body to play
My shoulders warm as they drop
My head feels at home when it’s wet
And the dog follows me
While I feel the rain fall

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Light

Brilliant bright light
in blades that stab
between leafless branches
on boulevard trees
stealing sight from my eyes
whenever it finds them.
I try to keep my eyes open
behind this windshield
despite the burning light
but I need to fill in the blanks
with a memory of this place
carried from past shadows.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Forest Floor

What a wonder it is to walk
Along a path that leads us
So easily through this wet fall forest
All the leaves have fallen
A brown and yellow carpet
Hides the gravel trail
From our searching seeking eyes
But not at all from 3 dog noses
The forest feels quiet now
Nearly all the leaves are down
Their summer songs drowned and still
But never forgotten it seems
I think of salmon today
Like the leaves they lay down their bodies
To nourish the land through winter’s sleep
And emerge anew next spring

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I watched three deer move across the land behind the house. They were grazing on blades of grass that had emerged through the moss that covered the rock face. The deer seemed busy but peaceful and they remained for thirty minutes or so unafraid of me and unafraid of the dog I was with - Chester.

Let me be
A blade of grass
On the hill
Above my home
Where the deer
Wander through
I would happily
Offer myself to them
And so move freely
In their body
As their body
Across this land
That is loved

Monday, November 8, 2010


Wholehearted is a flame
that carries us to places
we never could imagine.
Places that belong to themselves
yet welcome
new conversations
between a deeper part
of the universe
and a deeper part
of ourselves.
A part that was born
through past footsteps.
From the earth that stuck to our feet
and the sky that tousled our hair.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Puddle

This morning at the Maritime museum before the sun came up I stepped out of my car into a pretty large puddle. I watched Chester drinking from the puddle when I let him out of the car. I noticed from where I stood that he was drinking up the reflection of a fairly expensive penthouse in the west end of Vancouver... and then three groups of three geese flew overhead as the morning began to emerge.

Shallow in a fall puddle
After the rain has fallen
Before the water soaks in
The sun’s back turned
Floods early morning
With darkness from deep water
Inviting me to watch
The joy of a sun’s welcome
Smiling rose reflected back
From an instant beyond my horizon
As city lights still shimmered
Paper thin on top of ponded rain
Three flights of geese
Return me to the morning world

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am a visitor
I was welcomed here so warmly
When the door was first opened to me
This is the air we breathe
This is the water and food we take
It is fuel to help our body run
You have a mind and a body
To serve you in this practical place
All other things you have brought with you
And it is up to you to find out how you carried them
Love is a lost king in this place
Pain is a signpost of learning
Sadness is proof of our need to be here
While Joy is a hat the true captain wears
And empty loss belongs to our mind
When we rely on it to find our way
So much time has passed
That I walk here now
As if there were no other place
And yet I strive harder than ever
To remember just how
I was first greeted here
And where I travelled from
So that I can greet a morning in the same way
All I really know
Is that it rained beautifully
Long before I got here
And it will rain beautifully
Long after I leave

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn Colors

Yesterday was cold and wet
Stripping off early turning leaves
Leaving the new tweed of today’s fall
Standing bright on black branches
Measured in time
Yet finding it for the first time
Leaves celebrate life in each last moment
Through the music, the color and the dance
Emerging now in each leaf
To far out-shine their trees
Funny how the leaves
Were never noticed
In their summer work
When they were really needed
But now - free from work
And on their way back to earth
They shine with their own beauty
And sing with their own joy
Through each last day of fall

Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Rain

Rain carried by cool wind
Soaks right through
Reminding me winter is serious
Now, autumn calls us again
And in case we are not listening
Sends exhausting discomfort
Through a day you just can’t dress for
A shiver that leaves you empty
Cold and wet on the inside
Huddled and stiff on the outside
With no promise of any chance to ever return
Into the plenty of summer’s warmth
Or the fullness of a dry fall’s belly

Black crows flap wildly
And pull slowly over the top of red leaves
Loosening their grip
In the numbing cold and wet
That folds over the lower branches
Of young summer grown trees
Everything moves with exaggeration
Wet, uneven wind reminds me
That everything is changing
And I am uncomfortable to feel
Uncontrolled power inside this change

Fall colors flip awkward
This way and then that
Across wet ground
Against the crows flight
Tree shadows carelessly painted in colored leaves
Lie askew but even and flat beside their trees
Torn off and tossed by a damp gusty wind
That has done its very best
To draw a tree’s shadow using leaves
Just as the sun would have done
With its light
When fall was only a dream

I notice below the wind
Salmon quiet in their stream
Silent on their journey
Moving calm but steady upstream
Through the inevitable joy
Of fulfilling a destiny
That must have been imagined
As I stand here warmed
In colored autumn rain
No certain destiny in mind

Friday, October 22, 2010


Look into the whale’s eye
Feel its rubbery body
Ripple in the cold water
See behind the dog’s eye
Or the pigs warm breath
And find its soul
Sometimes grown beyond your own
Greet it with love
Let its wisdom nourish you
Never let it frighten you
Or the shadows in your mind
May try to harm it
Broken by darkness

Monday, October 18, 2010


So real those tiny neon sparks
Changing as I move my head
Red, yellow, blue then green
Dewdrops strung on a spider strand
Under the sun’s autumn smile
They stand out more for me
Than polished diamonds
That glint forever
These precious dewdrops
That evaporate back
Into the simple miracle
Of everything

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Cricket

I passed one cricket by the lake
Just one cricket calling out from the stillness
It seemed like the cricket was left to watch the lake
I noticed the sound of the cricket right away
And was drawn to it as everything else was still

All the other crickets had left
Or were silent and hidden
It was as if the cricket was left to watch the lake
And all life but the cricket had left the world
I wondered if the cricket knew the fear of feeling alone

It seemed to me that if the cricket
Could only know the miracle of its own existence
Then it would find the quiet lake again instantly
Just as I had found them both while walking by
Un-alone and un-afraid looking for neither

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning River

Dimpled autumn steel
Cold as bright truth
In morning sun
Birds swim and catch fish
Just off the shore
On this proud river
Cormorants and grebes
Ducks and geese
All seem to enjoy
A last summer day
That leaves sand bars
Too bright to look at
While the sun sits
Low and bright
In the frozen sky
Behind clam siphons
And boxes and logs
That are ½ washed into
Wet and muddy river bars
Glistening bright
Along the river’s margin
In the morning sun

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Love and Faith and Hope
Can surface
If we let go of the
Sun, the moon and the rain
And feel the things we brought
That seed each moment with life
And bless every infinite now
With knowing

The beauty of our real greeting
To the sun, the moon and the rain

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn Spider

Spinning a song
That you mastered
In the garden
Last summer
Resting with your dreams
At its center
Gathering your courage
For a first step
Above the bottomless future
Your belief will carry you
To the other side
As it always has before

Friday, September 24, 2010


Darkness lies down
Hiding the season
Cool moist breath
From the other side
By an ocean of truth
Quiet, powerful waves
That push us and draw us
Toward tomorrow’s sun
Already tumbling
Into a new season
Of light

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Melody

Now I know I am mortal
I often heard their voices
But now I know their words
Fall is all around me
Bright with its drama
At first I felt sadness
When the leaves changed color
And began to fall
Then a tear dropped
Under a wing of geese
That passed overhead
But in that still moment
I could see all the way through
The full depth of my love
For this place
That has always loved me
The leaves will return
The geese are blown elsewhere
So still in this moment
I hold more love
Than I ever knew before

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raindrops are Miracles

I can find my love inside a raindrop
Not right away usually
But after all the indignant voices
That my mind carries clear away
And I am left to think of water
Then right away I can see it
A simple and deep miracle
Now the rain comes when it is needed
In truth, it always came

When it heard its name
It simply never understood
Our wailing and our wishing
It just showed up when it was called
Whatever the reason and without judgment
But a miracle lives inside every raindrop
And if we miss them all we may end up
Cursing the water as it rises above our ankles
And miss the miracles that seek us out from above

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sometimes, the hawk forgets it is flying
Sometimes, it looses sight of the miracle
That lays still and unmoving all around it
But every now and then its wings
Entangle seamlessly with the beauty
Of this whole living place
Freeing us all to watch the hawk
Soar into its endless dream of change
Pursued and pursuing
Avoiding and seeking
Fullness and emptiness
Love is a breeze that can carry it higher
Than wings ever will

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beau Chien Blanc

The dog brought back a forest I never knew
I never smelled it till she ran-off
And then brought it back for us
In the moment she arrived the forest changed
Gone was the sun and soft evening light
Lost were the delicate cedar fronds
My senses were fully given to the dog
I searched her eyes to understand
The prize she found in this smell
That she had gleefully rolled out
Then proudly cloaked herself with
Our understandings of this gift
Drifted so very far apart
Gone was the forest I brought in my dreams
Arrived was that which I never expected
Now my mind bathes dogs
As I stand beside my own awareness
And the birds fly noisy above

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tree Branch

I stood
In a forest
On a quiet day
Nothing moved
                                      Leaves and needles could easily speak
Above the
Of silence
Then I heard a large branch fall                                                
Far away maybe
I couldn't tell
Nothing moved
It frightened me
It cautioned me
Hold your dreams
It reminded me
I am vulnerable
As every moment
Unveils its

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Road

I drove a road I did not know
A summer road through the forest
On a hot day with a good car
And a deep companion
The road was two bare tracks
With grass from edge to edge
The trees were tall and mature
The forest seemed to respect the road
And let it rest smooth and even
Over its steep belly above an ocean

After an hour we reached
A narrowing
A place where alder
Found a footing near the road
Crimping it too tight with their branches
For the car to pass
Stepping out with the dogs
We walked through the narrowing
It wasn’t that far but we were simplified
On the other side
The car was left behind
We walked on through the silent forest
Slowly starting to hear its voice
Under the hot day but within
The cool shadowed arms of its trees
It was pleasant and cool and gentle

The road widened again in the wild forest
It seemed to celebrate our visit
A single dried bear scat
Full with salmon berry seeds
Told its own story of this place
The bear had walked on
After salmon berries were gone
Leaving this place to us
We turned back when our legs got tired
Accepting that this unknown place
Was our journey and our destination
Was simply gratitude

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I took you to the river
In my thoughts today
It was so quiet standing there
Listening inside and outside
Needing nothing

I remembered you heard
The leaves breathe once
So I looked at them
Round and silent beads
From last nights rain
Perfect little spheres
All different sizes and colors
Resting scattered crumbs
On the bright young faces
Of wild roses and their leaves

The roses were beautiful
But I couldn’t hear them breathe
A gentle knowing spun me
And drew my eyes far away
To a place on the river
Clean on its current
Where I watched the salmon crest
Breaking the water
Without surprise
Just where my eyes waited

A gentle whisper smiled
We are all known
In our own way
To different parts
Of this world

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silent Sky

I am in joy with your silence
These are not small mountains to move
Yet they will move on their own
Even if we don't watch them
They will pretend we can will them
Just be happy as every bird
in the sky has its own space
and Mountains will go
Where they go

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Seasons flow from the ground
Drawn from the earth by the sun
To whisper at flowers and fallen leaves

To sing with love in the wind
A soft but urgent knowing
Like an ant’s spent wings
Left behind
At the first light touch of a branch
Or the first heard whisper
Of a new season
As a flower unfolds
Or a leaf lets go
That moment of eternity
Drops its wings forever

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vine Maple

You found me in your forest
Near the foot of a full grown fir
I noticed your flock of leaves
Delicate and perfect and proud
Each choosing its own green
Shimmering silently
In the filtered light of the forest
Tremouring truthfully
In the delicate breeze of my breath

I am called to notice you again
Your leaves so bright in this light
Attached to the dark woody thread
Of your forest stems
Lifting them above the rich littered earth
And offering them to the highest of heavens

Seven lobes on each perfect leaf
Health, happiness, generations, generosity
Humbleness, forgiveness and understanding
Steps that were walked by ancestors
Thousands of years ago
And just as the salmon return
To greet this land and to find their purpose
These leaves returned
To lift their stems heavenward

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I looked up at the sky
I don’t know why
Close to the middle was a triangle
A gull, a plane and the moon
They seemed still in that instant
But my eyes lingered

And the triangle changed shape
All three were moving
Different heights
Different speeds
Different directions
Each with a destination
Each with a presence

Connected not dependent
Then I looked at my own feet
I was moving too
Then I realized that the earth
Was on its own mission of movement
Spinning and speeding and wobbling
I became dizzy just thinking about it
And I probably never even penetrated
the surface of change
That is our close companion here
So what is it really that seems still

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Crow

It is one short block
From the hot dry dust
In the corners of my garden
To the cool and windy
Presence of the sea

In yesterday's summer wind
Everything was moving
Everything was growing

The sounds of the world
Hid the stream I usually hear
From the rock I often sit on

Across from me a tree
On the far point
Small in size
But so fully
Of this place
Happy in this wind
Above its breaking waves
Alone on its rocky ocean point
The tree seemed still on the outside
But so alive o
n the inside
With ocean music
Never lonely
In its love

The stream

I listened for
Seemed silent
So I looked around
To see a crow standing on the ground
Just ahead of me and in gentle conversation
With a child that came to this beach
With her family
Their purpose of a picnic lost
With the sandwiches all gone

There plays my reason
For being here

A crow and a little girl
Both reaching beyond the sun's light
Past the tree's rough bark
And me knowing life's seed
Was planted in their sharing

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lying there
Listening to the body
Try to explain
The dashed dreams
Of a soul
Silenced by years
Of solitary patience
Deafened by thousands
Of tread upon shells

Draw back the curtain
Let the metal rings clink
Let the wooden rings clack
Let the fabric swish
And stand aside for the sun
To shine through
Let its light touch reach
Through your broken body
And heal your heart
Then mend your body
Together with your soul

Lift the veil
Of false perception
Hear what is there
See what is there
And dance with it
Forget the menu
And sit down to the feast

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Flowers in the garden
Yellows of all hues
More blue
And red
Inviting but not soliciting
To be lived

Dark and thin
Neon blue at its tip
(Who asked why)
On the rail
In front of my eyes
My place set
In the middle
Of a miracle

Named for its sound
Two feet away
Straw in a pink flower
With rufus colors
Aglow in the sun
Ever changing
Buzzing wings electric hum
Piercing me

Relaxing is impossible
In front of this creature
Whose body burns
So much faster
Than mine

Puts this fire out
Starts another blaze

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Stream

A stream flows where there wasn't one before
Cool water where long grass wept with thirst
A path for the salmon to follow
A place for the frogs to call
A stream that flows from the heart
Leaves a footprint pressed in sand
While seeds from the land
Lodged in my sweater
Softly hum the music
Of this place

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic Moment

At the end of a day
The sun’s light
Warm and soft
But bright
Brings a new clarity
To everything it touches
Just as the end
Of our own days
May reveal a truth
That stood unnoticed
In every earlier moment
Of our lives

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sun

Even if we can’t look at it
We still mold its image in our minds
Shifting, changing it to suit our stance
Fashioning it as we need it to be
Because it comes every day
We can fail its truth and say
I know what is there
I know what will come
I serve it well enough
Even if we really don’t know it at all
Even if we don’t respect it enough
But because it is there every day
We will have just enough to live by
Until we know
Everything is connected
And the sun’s arrival
Is purely a miracle

Monday, May 31, 2010


I have never been lost forever
But I have felt I’d never be found
It almost seems I’ve been more lost
In the middle of a wandering
Than at a start or near its end
My mind is lost right now
I can’t remember the beginning
I can’t see an end
And I sure hope this isn’t the middle
It is just seems too far from anywhere
To be anything other than lost
I guess that is because I have always felt
That I was going somewhere
Instead of just being someplace
In the middle of what is at that moment
Where we are allowed to be real
Where we need to be real
To be found

Friday, May 28, 2010


Still in that moment
On a path under unchecked trees
The forest view breaks
Over a clear view of the ocean
Raised land across the straight
Unchanged in my memory
Since I woke a child
Unchanged in my memory
Since I wept a man
Unchanged before me
As I see beyond it
To God’s own shoulder
This ever-present gift
Three times given
A blessing to the soul
As the wind breathes me

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I cut a tree from the front garden
It was well grown and fully branched
Entwined within a taller and older neighbour
Standing too close with all of its own branches in place
And affecting none from the other’s embrace
Only 15 years old but 30 feet tall now
And together they blocked the sun

From a near distance you couldn't tell it was there
From a near distance you can’t tell it is missing
I have asked others and they don’t seem to notice
Any change to trees around the garden
But the ground below the trees has opened up
Letting dappled light fall onto rich soil
Encouraging older plants to thrive in new ways
Inviting new plants to set roots in the garden
Where dark shadows of thought
Could never welcome them before

The downed tree stands
Only as a memory now
And has made way for new life
In the garden where it stood
And the wood from the tree
Chopped and split and stacked
Offers us warmth for next winter


It might look
from the outside
that I feel sorry
for myself.
But on the inside
a child is frightened
more than spoiled.
Ashamed to have lost
the sun of the seasons
standing naked and cold.
in a rain that follows
everyone else’s leaving.
Afraid to step into danger
Afraid to not step into joy
Stuck in the headlights
of someone else’s future.
Knowing that
I have chosen an awkward
lifetime not to be a tree
where, from the outside
I might look just fine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ocean Music

Sitting by the ocean
Watching birds fly by
This place
That has never
Known loneliness
But in that instant
I grasped for it
A tide-washed memory
Of sitting here with another
A lonely song
Long since ended
But still playing faintly
In my frightened mind

Then drawn back
to the present music
That is playing
All around me
Soft and subtle
Waves at the beach
Carry the wind’s heartbeat
In their rhythm
While a nearby
Stream flows
Inside its own melody
And birds will never surprise
The music with their calls
While otters play

The music of this place
Never stops
Always changing
And offers no perch
For loneliness
To light

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Is the ocean
That washes against
Our edges
It defines us
As an island
Or a peninsula
Or a mainland
But it is always
Changing with us
Eroding steep shorelines
Building soft beaches
Our presence
Our absence
And floating
Clouds of wonder
Across our horizon
Making us look
Beyond our own edge
While we
Seek the mountain
That shows us north
One certain place
That we are not

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Deep is the River

How deep does the river flow
With cool and precious water
Its origin and destination
Both beyond view
Lost behind forgotten bends
Hidden within our dreams
Origin and destination
Both unimportant
Compared with where I stand
Deep in a rich ravine
Where water
In the river
Is always

I stand
At a place
Where water gathers
Below the sluggish pond
To become the river again
Flowing with certainty
And unfolding
Into its

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome Home

Welcome home
How nourishing are these words for you now
How far have you wandered
Did your body carry you through a land of longing
Beyond an endless month of hunger
Did you pass through the archway of your own needing
Only to loose that need forever
Has your own love become your favorite shirt
And do you wear it every day
While walking steady toward a setting sun
Welcome home

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


High above the waves
I can hear them
And see them
But they make no sense
Here and there a sound
With no reason for it
I heard a splash
When I saw no wave
Then silence
When I expected sound
Was I that far up?
All the beings around me
Danced divinely
And kept their lives
But I lost mine in watching
And listening
Then found it again
In sitting on the hill
Where I was
Exposed to a fatal event
From above

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Placid water
On a timeless lake
Inviting us
To find a way through
Our own breathless

Quiet reflection
Offers its own
Backward view
Of everything
Except the lake

Living beneath
A shallow mirage
Fitted so perfectly
floated so lightly
That its surface
Deeper beauty

The lightest touch
Can dissolve the dream
That hides the lake

Its depth
The temperature
Its nourishing embrace
And all the life
Within it

Thursday, April 22, 2010


You need to notice
Everything is changing
Not just a little
But as much as it can imagine
Sometimes more than we can sense
Is drawn into change
And folded
Deep into nature
The sun then the shade
As a spring wind runs
From summer warm
To autumn cool
In one moment
Without a warning
Without apology
And no smile of satisfaction
But truth is there
As we and the world
Are both made new
Through change
An essence of life

Sunday, April 18, 2010


&nbspgoogle image

The sun rises
Every day

Its importance
Helps us both
Find thanks

I rose
With the sun

Into an
Infinite sky
Of awareness

Above the
Salted ocean
Of time
That I still
Swim in

Finding nothing
Yet Knowing
That everything
Is important

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There were moments
Of wondering
If the sun offered
Enough warmth
To sustain me
Or enough light
To guide me

But not that deep
Inside my shadow
Where time
Is unknown
I believed
The sun
Is not my

The moon
Is not my heart
And the rain
Is not my thought
My body simply cares
Unafraid in any space
Where all these things
Are not

I invite
The golden sun
My silver moon
And all their rainbows
To dance through me
Sharing, merging
Into a deeper way
Of becoming

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Morning Light

photograph by: unknown (Sproat Lake BC)
Last night in darkness
Clouds and their snow
Agreed to part

This morning's
Cold damp light
Found the snow

Tasting branches
Of mountain trees
Across the water

From where I stood
A new white gown
All the way down

I heard the mountain say
Snow has no tongue
And branches hold no taste

Now the snow waits
For sun to draw its warmth
Across the sky

Unlocked from frozen branches
Water rubs its belly on the ground
And its back against the gravel

Water in the stream
Passes bright fish
That move against its current

The stream’s truth
Brings water home
To the ocean at my feet

Where it rests
Joined to others
Sisters and brothers

Knowing now
Just how beautiful
Its journey really is

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hard Rain

Today it rained hard
Then the sun came out
Then it rained again
The sun was warm
And the rain was cold
I was outside
When the hard rain arrived
The dog by my side
While I was wishing
That I had brought a hat
The dog only cared
About the ball he brought
Hidden behind cheeks
In a soft mouth
The cold rain drumming
On my hatless head
Drawing my thoughts
To the surface
Driving me
Into discomfort
While the dog
Seemed to wonder
Why I was in a hurry
To get back home
Because he
Had brought a ball
For both of us
To enjoy

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sometimes everything happens without doubt
Sometimes everything fits where it should
Often it is when our only interest is to feel
All things unfold just as they will
Without wishing for anything different
And letting this everyday miracle
Fully spent itself on truth
And save us from pleasing anyone

Sometimes we work so hard
To make the ball roll the other way
Or be faster or slower or larger or smaller
As we watch and wait like practiced victims
Expecting freedom to arrive
At our own address in superman’s cape
Paper judgment in hand granting our own freedom
Fates picture on its stamp

Sometimes it is easier to let things be
The blue mountain or the grey cloud
That they already are
Than it is to try and change them
Into the flat suggestions
That will never carry a rider on their back

Sometimes when it all comes together
When we want to be who we are
We can find each other and ourselves
Awake in that moment inside of joy
Nothing else will be remembered
In tomorrow’s light

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


No words
Describe the silence
That breathes steady
And lives ever-changing
Beneath thought
That echoes inside
And between words
That call from outside

Chasing a thought
Translating a word
Can separate us
From the simple
Love for life
That we meant
To bring along
As a guide

Joyfully lost
Silence breathes air
Under the thoughts
And between the words
That wink and smile
Through a haze
That comforts
An illusion of control

Entering into the world
With careful intention
Confident and open with love
Sometimes feeling lost
Stumbling in darkness
Still willing to walk
Hand reaching through pain
To grasp life’s light

Sunday, February 14, 2010


                                                          google images

I have watched you
Silently appear
Under your pine tree
Day after day
You proudly show me
Your changes
Your steady progress
Toward becoming
Do you see
The change in me
Day after day
Do you notice
That I am
Becoming too

Friday, February 5, 2010

The River

The river is always changing
Its water and its song
From moment to moment
Through an honest conversation
With the season and its weather

I was welcomed here once
Beside the river bank
When summer flow
In the sunshine
Was just the way
I imagined it would be
The moment before I arrived

Now, I come upon the river again
This time, unthinking and unexpectant
I never imagined the river in flood
Before I reached it
My plan was to pass beyond it
But it has been raining hard
And the river is wild against its jagged bank
With water still rising as if angered

The river has forgotten its song
And the character of its river bed
Is buried under a grey sky torrent
Collected and channeled to the ocean
All in such a hurry
That in its rush, the river forgot to bring
Its own crystal melody of water over rock

Soil bitten from stream banks
Unheeded and unswallowed
Has choked and colored the water
Trees with roots and branches
Still in leaf
Are carried like lost children
Back home from a far off war
To a silent sea of loss

Monday, February 1, 2010

From a Boat

Artist:  Gary R Lucy
I like to float
On the water
In a summer boat
Just to see
This hillside
Where I struggle
On my hike
Beside the ocean
Every day

When I see
The hillside
From the cushioned ease
Of a summer boat
It helps me put
Where I have been
And where I am going
Into a new perspective
This worn trail
That I follow
Is hardly visible
From the water
And people
Seem to move
So slowly along it

I wonder why
People even walk it
It starts in the darkness
Of the woods
And it leads up
A bright and treeless hillside
To its lookout spot
At the very top
Where people on the hill can wave
To people in the boats
Who silently wave back
Each one able to see
The other more clearly
Than they see themselves

Monday, January 25, 2010


I stand
At many shores
Along the Ocean's edge
While waves bring
Across the silence to my heart

Each one unique
Some urgent and some quiet
All born in gentle truth
Sometimes I can't hear
Sometimes I don't understand
But waves bring truth
Urgent or otherwise
Toward every shore
Where bare feet stand

In water

Monday, January 18, 2010


photo: google images
How many places have you been
Before you found this window
And drew my eyes to you
And spoke with me though my thoughts
Did you touch an elephant in Africa
Did you fall with an autumn leaf in Russia
Were you used nine times in the Rhone
Before you came to this window
And why out of all the raindrops
That have touched me in my life
Did I notice you and know you
Surely you stand in your drop
With new friends about you
Yet your essence is unmistakable
As if I have known you forever

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Presence

Photo: Google Images
Water birds landing
On still water
At a lost backwater
Hidden among trees
Behind banks
Along the River

The sound in stillness
Is unmistakable
And beautiful
Perfect and in unison
Matched in sound
Matched in time

My head turns to the sound
And eyes find birds
Bobbing on top
Of their own disturbance
Proof of new presence
On the still pond

I notice the beaver’s nose
Pushing water aside
The determined Vee
Of water now rippling
Under the mallards
And lost in reeds
At the pond’s margin

Beaver ignores
The beautiful visitors
And remains loyal
To the focused work
Of tending a pond
A smile lands and finds me
Connected to it all

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bright and Shiny

Unborn, undying and everlasting
The part that waits for me
On firm ground, timeless where I left it
Even after this old favorite shirt
The self I lived in for so long
Now frayed and thinned and ripped
Still resists being laid aside
Yet knowing in my own heart
It is outgrown and beyond mending
Now, more than ever before
I want to hold that bright and shiny key
And return to live again from that place
I walked away from so very long ago

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Summer Dive

 Photo: Google Image

I remember swimming
Diving from a granite cliff
Imagining a steady dragonfly
As I try to find
And hold
that perfectly still instant
At the very top of the dive
But time rushes as a river
And casts us back
Into the irresistible draw
Of gravity
Its ever-present truth a triumph
Until we find that momentary chill
in the lake’s full embrace