Monday, February 1, 2010

From a Boat

Artist:  Gary R Lucy
I like to float
On the water
In a summer boat
Just to see
This hillside
Where I struggle
On my hike
Beside the ocean
Every day

When I see
The hillside
From the cushioned ease
Of a summer boat
It helps me put
Where I have been
And where I am going
Into a new perspective
This worn trail
That I follow
Is hardly visible
From the water
And people
Seem to move
So slowly along it

I wonder why
People even walk it
It starts in the darkness
Of the woods
And it leads up
A bright and treeless hillside
To its lookout spot
At the very top
Where people on the hill can wave
To people in the boats
Who silently wave back
Each one able to see
The other more clearly
Than they see themselves

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