Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Rain

Big drops of heavy rain
Make the rain fall hard
Make the rain fall loud
Softly mask my vision
Dimples the wet road
Between small rivers
Racing along gutters
Dividing around tires
That rest like rounded
Boulders in fast flowing
And rapidly rising rivers
But every now and then
Wet cars with windshield
Wipers slapping and tires
Running bravely on noise
Pass by my glass window

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The puffy, pulled-apart clouds seem
Wispy-white between lots of cyan
And are far beyond the cottonwood seed
That flies well over my head
In a strong warm summer breeze
That blows beneath a forceful sun
The wind offers soft blue edges
To cool dark shadows of trees
That lie flat on green ground
Where I throw a yellow ball
For a happy brown dog to chase

Daytime Moon

The moon looks to be a circle
During the daytime when it is there
It looks white and thin and flat
And separated from everything
Suspended at safe distance
Quarantined for its life
But it is the moon
And it may not even know loneliness
In its never ending
Always changing sky
As long as I know it is there
Then no distance separates us
All forms and senses rest aside
In moments of untethered love
All distance dissolves between us
And is flooded with being and filled
With a subtle comforting hum
That touches everything

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Moment

When the moment comes
The wind will blow from the east
Bringing dark clouds to follow grey
And cold rain or lightening and thunder
Or the sun can give its place to the moon
So the dark drifts down below its night
Until enchanted stars awaken, bright
Then you found a larger change
That never repeats itself

We often fail to notice change
Among all things we'll never tame
So they easily often wander
In and out-of blank refrain
As if we simply owned them
Or held their changing leash
So we could make a weather suit
Holding breaths or eating peach

It is the quieter turns of change
Like birth and love and death
That touch us unexpectedly
And only here or there
These seem so very personal
And by far too-extra large
To simply only happen when
Their waking moment stirs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Is a place
We can’t know
And we can’t go
But it still exists
For it holds power
To draw our attention
From where we stand
And toss it elsewhere
Beyond all horizons
Into the dreams of our dream
Where we will never
Find our own feet

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Robin’s eggs

Robin’s eggs are blue
That might just invite
The young to fly
Toward the sky
And not the ground
Where they might drown
Is there a reason I can cite?
Why robin eggs are blue