Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sometimes everything happens without doubt
Sometimes everything fits where it should
Often it is when our only interest is to feel
All things unfold just as they will
Without wishing for anything different
And letting this everyday miracle
Fully spent itself on truth
And save us from pleasing anyone

Sometimes we work so hard
To make the ball roll the other way
Or be faster or slower or larger or smaller
As we watch and wait like practiced victims
Expecting freedom to arrive
At our own address in superman’s cape
Paper judgment in hand granting our own freedom
Fates picture on its stamp

Sometimes it is easier to let things be
The blue mountain or the grey cloud
That they already are
Than it is to try and change them
Into the flat suggestions
That will never carry a rider on their back

Sometimes when it all comes together
When we want to be who we are
We can find each other and ourselves
Awake in that moment inside of joy
Nothing else will be remembered
In tomorrow’s light

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