Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I cut a tree from the front garden
It was well grown and fully branched
Entwined within a taller and older neighbour
Standing too close with all of its own branches in place
And affecting none from the other’s embrace
Only 15 years old but 30 feet tall now
And together they blocked the sun

From a near distance you couldn't tell it was there
From a near distance you can’t tell it is missing
I have asked others and they don’t seem to notice
Any change to trees around the garden
But the ground below the trees has opened up
Letting dappled light fall onto rich soil
Encouraging older plants to thrive in new ways
Inviting new plants to set roots in the garden
Where dark shadows of thought
Could never welcome them before

The downed tree stands
Only as a memory now
And has made way for new life
In the garden where it stood
And the wood from the tree
Chopped and split and stacked
Offers us warmth for next winter

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