Monday, November 1, 2010


I am a visitor
I was welcomed here so warmly
When the door was first opened to me
This is the air we breathe
This is the water and food we take
It is fuel to help our body run
You have a mind and a body
To serve you in this practical place
All other things you have brought with you
And it is up to you to find out how you carried them
Love is a lost king in this place
Pain is a signpost of learning
Sadness is proof of our need to be here
While Joy is a hat the true captain wears
And empty loss belongs to our mind
When we rely on it to find our way
So much time has passed
That I walk here now
As if there were no other place
And yet I strive harder than ever
To remember just how
I was first greeted here
And where I travelled from
So that I can greet a morning in the same way
All I really know
Is that it rained beautifully
Long before I got here
And it will rain beautifully
Long after I leave

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