Sunday, April 4, 2010

Morning Light

photograph by: unknown (Sproat Lake BC)
Last night in darkness
Clouds and their snow
Agreed to part

This morning's
Cold damp light
Found the snow

Tasting branches
Of mountain trees
Across the water

From where I stood
A new white gown
All the way down

I heard the mountain say
Snow has no tongue
And branches hold no taste

Now the snow waits
For sun to draw its warmth
Across the sky

Unlocked from frozen branches
Water rubs its belly on the ground
And its back against the gravel

Water in the stream
Passes bright fish
That move against its current

The stream’s truth
Brings water home
To the ocean at my feet

Where it rests
Joined to others
Sisters and brothers

Knowing now
Just how beautiful
Its journey really is

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