Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Anxiety is a prickly vine
Growing into the negative
Stirring the fears we hid
Deep in the blue shadows
Of a life we left behind
Anxiety can re-ignite
In these dark places

We all tried to outrun it
A basement bogey-man
That lived by the furnace
Or in the closet of a room
Or under our bed as a child
Inside the neighbors shrubs

They never ever ate or slept
Or appeared in front of eyes
But they lived and breathed
In the darkness of a room
In the blackness of hearing
Around us in dark shadows
Lit dimly by our imagination
Waiting for us to be alone
Waiting to be fed our soul
Even in our dreams we flew

Bring light to dark places
You can find courage there
Where once the empty shell
Of our fear was filled by mind
Confront it in peace and find
The light of a simple truth
Can heal the oldest wounds