Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Today has always been a cloudy, rainy day
It has been since I woke to disagreeing birds
Scolding an owl perched in a tree near their nest
I heard the crows first then finally the owl called
My day has been the same – silent predators sighted
Waiting for money or other things that I don't have
I did all that I could then brought myself to the river
Immediately, I thought I needed to see a fish jump
Over there in quiet water so I could be sure I saw it
I watched red bodies glisten above muddy water before
I have seen it but not today when I thought I needed to
That is nature’s way – to serve its own master - not me
But a smooth wet stick floated expertly on the river
It went right by me, turning and rolling in the current
I watched and lost myself - more than if a fish had jumped
That is nature’s way – offering unpredictable richness
In its own, ever-changing and always present moment