Friday, January 20, 2012


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It’s such an ordinary triumph
To have lived a life this way
Old and bald and shriveled up
Now youth has dropped away

Life is there, no matter what
And it loves us like our dog
It sniffs at busy schedules
Or growls and barks at fog

Always there, bright and new
Our life just marches on
Collecting colored trinkets
Like uneven spots on fawns

There often is, a long dry time
Between each silent sea
A place I know that I can grow
My broken heart’s the fee

It took me really, really long
To wake my beating heart
And I will always love you
For your gentle soothing art

It seems I stood so many times
Before the northern sea
And cast my glance in advance
Of proceeding carefully

Cold water is like a guard dog
And it’s charge; a chilling spree
Unless we really, really want
Our treasure from the sea

Broken hearts will often mend
If we know just where we went
It seldom is the dreamy place
Our ego wanted sent