Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When time closed your heart to me
You passed right through
Dance partners on different planes
Unable to hold each other
Invisible at close distance
No way to push the water
Back up this river

The river was fun
And the rapids were
Just bumps and dodges
Sitting in the raft
Where only pant legs got wet
And life seemed real enough

In a moment of neglect
Our raft overturned
At a standing wave
You and I torn apart
By the current
At once wishing differently
But knowing the truth
Searching for children
Tossed from the raft
Where we all felt safe

Agitating freely
In the belly of the river
This old sweater
To heavy in the water
The uncertain balance
Of over and under
Water then air
Not knowing
What will come
Who is safe
Fragile and precious
Each found breath

Eyes opening
Under water
Glimpse a new truth
That couldn't be seen
From the raft
Now lodged in me
As deep and as strong
As the river itself
The will to survive
Bobbing loose in the rapids
Surendering to the current
Finding its own strength

When my children are saved
When we are past this narrow gorge
I will find a bright new dream
Painted over that canyon of shade
Where we passed
Across the threshold
Into this bigger world
To find our deep
And quiet breath
Arriving again

Waking to the truth
Dust is blowing off the stone
Where we drew our dreams

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