Thursday, May 28, 2009



Anxious to be calm
I just seek a place to sit

And to rest here on a seat
That seems so safely settled on the ground
But something I can’t see
And something I can't know
Just grasped me where I stand
So now I know I am found

What is missing

What has changedHas it always been this way
No familiar point of reference
As my compass simply spins
And the light is quickly draining from the day
Somehow I know I’ll follow
A moon of intuition through the night
Letting go of an old and storied past
To embrace an unknown
That waits shining in the stars


I don't know
Where I came from
I don't know
Where I am going
But my whole heart knows
That I am here
In the middle of a miracle
It sparkles in the air

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