Monday, August 10, 2009

By the River

I made it to an old favorite spot along the river today
I went alone and passed beyond the place
My legs have stopped before
At that bench half-way here that sits alongside the gravel path
Where I can only see the river from a distance
But can clearly feel the people passing by
Words in my head help me understand the people on that path
The river is just a background that they move by
But from here on the eroding edge of the river
I can feel the thunder of the river and smell the wet clay of its banks
I can hear the cottonwood leaves, electric in the breeze, promise new weather
And smell all of the things that are here and all of the things that will come
Under the eagle that stretches high in the sky
Crows and seagulls, close to the ground, welcome the breeze
Waves on the river find their own way to shore not needing to be seen
Sitting in that moment I notice the words in my head
They scatter like birds at being found
They mean no harm and are only there to comfort my mind
It so needed them – just to hide from the pain of being unable to feel
Unable to help me understand the mystery of this place
I cast the empty words away as others before me
Tossed away cigarette butts or chewing gum
Hollow habits that can block the joy or sting of a present moment
A place that is unpredictable and where truth is evident
A place where we cannot hide from what we truly want
A place where longing can take root
Although not rare, a moment is unique and precious
Just for emerging into the light of consciousness
Words will come later when I sit and invite this moment to flutter by again
My mind will help me in that task with all but feelings
They only live within the magic of a wordless moment by the river

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