Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life's reflection

Hundreds of birds rested
On the river today
I did not count them or name them
But there were geese and ducks
Floating on the river
Its cold and wet stillness
Looked warm and buoyant beneath them
Just one day after the winter storm left

I noticed the birds noticing me
Then everything let go of self
And everything let go of other
Whispers dissolved into silence
And the world was alive again

We drifted quietly in that place
Floating within winter’s stillness
I watched life tending its own seeds
They were waiting and growing everywhere
Enjoying the stillness of winter
Anticipating early colors of spring

Life found its own reflection

Among the birds, within the river
Through the forest, above the sky
Within my body and under my feet
Not through outward communication yet
But through the unconscious practice or release
Of scattered fragments of behaviors yet to be -
Of incomplete actions still unable to express their meaning
Simple truths that betray life’s longing
For its own grand adventure
And secrets that remain embedded behind
Time-locked veils of collective unconscious
A bud here - a tail wag there
A small fish splashing
A Vee of geese following
Life’s promising thought

Across an endless sky

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