Tuesday, March 1, 2011


There is no such thing
As waiting
It’s just another word for death
We can’t really wait any more
Than the tide can rest
Half way through
The moon’s daily journey
Across the heavens

Just as we are drawn
To each inevitable instant
By Silver Threads of longing
Attached to our heart
The ocean
Is drawn by the moon
Through its slow pattern
Of breathing

There is no such thing
As waiting
It steals our moments
And places us on a shelf
Outside of reality
Outside of useful life
Where all we can hear
Is the ticking
Of an empty clock
That never can be wound

Sometimes life moves fast
Sometimes life moves slow
But looking for our future
Always steals precious feelings
From the present
And leaves us vulnerable
To wandering in
Never-widening circles
That never find the new places
We dreamed of

There is no such thing
As waiting
So change your mind
And allow your being
To explore this miracle
That wants to dance with us
To our own music of heartbreak and joy
Through each moment
Toward something like a future
That wants to greet us
As we’re standing there

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