Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dandelions and Daises

Dandelions and Daises
Stand free in spring grass
Their frothy colors tidal
Except today in cold rain
They wither tight and close
If I hadn’t seen them yesterday
I wouldn’t even notice them now
Mistakes dropped on the ground
Waiting for the mower
To tidy up the lawn

I never knew how important
The sun’s warm guidance was
For these pretty plants
That live welcomed now
In grassy park fields
Alongside the river
Weeds that are pardoned
Enemies of their grassy world
But state through the brightness
Of their white and yellows
The bold and clear confidence
Of their beauty

Tomorrow when the sun
Finds a warm and cloudless
Place in the sky
These flowers will remember me
With a thousand reflected suns
Standing in their field

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