Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Hot Day

A hot day in the summer
Seems to set the voice we hear
To waves and water and shade
That all speak more clearly
And louder, with more persistence
And even more emphatically
At this summer time of year
Our body dials in the voice
The language we hear reflects
The season we stand in
As it grows through the ground
Near the edges of our feet

Heat seeks the sweet lips of summer
Drawing us to open doors and windows
For the breeze to enter carrying scents
Of purple lavender and white jasmine
Yellow faced bees outside visit scents
And colors that flowers make for them

One day winter will rise
Steam off hot flat asphalt
Or invisible sunbeams to chase
Frost off the face of a fall roof
At that time when light and shadows
Are cut straight along ruler lines
And winter carries its own dreams
With frost and ice and snow
Wrapped in the cold moisture of cloud
Winter words shine bright crystals
Under the light of a far away sun
Then hide in summer freezers till
They believe their deeper meaning
And rise from the ground to greet us

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