Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Sometimes I wonder if God is Life
Nothing more and nothing less
Simply life and all the longing it holds
I could understand that or at least accept it
But maybe - God is just unknowable
You know - Beyond the reach of reason
Resting beyond all the knowledge we hold
Maybe God is a force like gravity
That draws us toward truth, love and loyalty
By simply feeling good – God invites us
Into life’s arms and into a shared heart
While we secretly wait for what we need
To land easy in our lap and firm in our heart
Without fading our awareness
Or our name or our perceived self
Replacing God with our own stance
To shower omnipotence and love
On a lonely world about our feet
Whose dream of power is this, anyway?
Life is already a winning lottery ticket
So why do we need to know
Why it is that our ticket was drawn
When everyone else's was too. . .
Just do the best you can do
And God will live in your smile