Monday, November 5, 2012

Nature's Change

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I am shaken well today
Hungry, for a change
I ate – twice breakfast
The first was so good
The dog is fed as usual
I watched two videos
And helped my computer
To wake through darkness
Man shifted his timepiece
So we start the week in light
The real world found me
Right away this morning
Walking along the river
Autumn leaves sleeping
Over ragged green grass
Changing the ground
Near blue sky now filled
With bare black whips
When did all the yellow
Maple leaves come and
Where did all the green
Cottonwood leaves go
The world seems different
Its daylight is different
A seal swims in the river
The salmon must be here
I am so lucky just to be
Able to notice it happen
As my coffee cools and
An eagle labors upstream
Over-top of swimming seals
And under leaving geese
A jet plane lands unaware
Noisy in the middle of it all
Until the sweet harmony of
Nature's changing song returns