Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Longings and Wishes

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All you need to do is to notice your love just one time
And you'll always know its there as the world changes
So there is no need to pretend the promise of an other
And if we wish to change an old unsatisfied longing
Like a fish long out of water it will loose its lit colors
As life within it disappears invisibly with its struggle
Until no breath can breathe life back into its dream
Some longings can hide in our past but still reach us
Longings that we wish we never knew or grasped on to
Shiny lives we dreamed when it made good sense to us
But life changes for all of us and we so seldom look back
Time moves and our heads believe we can’t see that way
Minds think the past has been poured and sits forever set
So walk lightly with your wishes and feed them every day
Love them one-day-at-a-time until you stand together
And they grow into you and you grow into them
Until they take you to the place you are already at
Where you can walk forever in your own dreams