Friday, February 14, 2014

Smooth Stone

Noticing a small smooth Stone
I pick it up and inspect it
Then put it safely with others
Deep into my own pants pocket
Clean and smooth I feel them
Warming under my finger tips
As I walk along this path I love
This trail that follows the river
And wakes my heart with feeling
Whenever I forget myself along it
Sometimes, it offers me a stone
But only if I am ready to see it
As if the stone was never there
Before the day that I found it
Yet, as if it has waited forever
For me to notice its Smooth form
Then I stop and bend to pick it up
And carry it to a new home for now
Ancient, smooth, clean and bright
It smiles with warmth as we walk
Along the timeless river that flows
Smoothing every stone that it touches
With its gentle abrasion of wisdom
An endless truth changing forever