Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring clouds

Clarity above a shifting cloud of thought
Where sun is bright and its ray’s are warm
All of heaven seems clear from way up here
My human friends are lost below that grey cloud
I wonder if I am confused without my feelings
They guided me toward my one real star of truth
Feelings I breathed in and felt burning inside me
Feelings that shook me and woke me with wonder
Strong feelings that I was afraid of and in love with
Big chisels that chipped away large pieces of shell
A false shell that I couldn’t see, that surrounded me
Kindness and time were more subtle tools of change
And they found me just like they found you, and you
Waiting to be struck down by the fear that seems real
Death is certain and natural. It is the biggest chisel
Rooted deep at the most distant point in our landscape
Waiting in our future but born long before our past
Death seems to grow bigger as we approach closer
And as it feeds on the ground that we stand on
And breathes out its clouds to tilt our heavens
Yet we go through big changes and small changes
All the changes that we never saw waiting for us
And all the changes that could have ignored us
But would never allow us to pass by - untouched
Like dry sand sleeps under sunshine. We imagine
Change as natural for others but not for us

We are so lucky in those moments when the clouds part
And the heavens are revealed to our soul’s breathing body
We are lucky in those moments when we know everything
Even though we find no real power in the information
It is simply the truth without an appetite for anything
It is simply the way that it is and it can be no other way