Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall Day

Today belongs to fall
Its leaves changing and all
As an aimless breeze wanders
I can glimpse sleeping branches
Through coloured cloaks that cling
To broadleaf summer trees
In the forest by my home

The weeping Birch
Over my ragged garden
Trembles in the Breeze
Yellows and greens flash
As its leaves rattle and spin
At the end of threadlike stems
Leaves strain to leave their tree
It doesn't need them anymore

Such beauty in life's struggle

A raven calls from across the field
Before flying straight overhead
I call to it through the miracle
Of its strong swooshing flight
It answers simply to my heart
Fluttering on the top of a Cedar

A black and blue Stellar Jay
Steals summer's silence
From the autumn day
Calling loudly
From an unseen perch
Behind coloured leaves
Beyond the frosty path

Not knowing I was there