Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Green Man

The green man
Stands in his forest
Rooted in nature
Welcoming us home

Sometimes we brush
By his wooden ankles
Sometimes we can look
Down into his liquid eyes

There is always love
Deeper than we see
Carried with his soul
As he flys from tree to tree

The dreams he loves to share
Are cast into the clouds
Where they float above the leaves
In this forest full of trees

I never walk so fast
Through the landscape where he lives
That I would fail to greet him
Any place where I might meet him

Sometimes, he hides too well
In the forest where he lives
Though whenever I seem to find him
He's the one who shares my breath

Not everybody sees him
Not everybody needs him
But I love him
Deeper, deeper every day

I have always been his brother
And yet, just like any other
You may find him in your forest
By your self

If his hand should gently wake you
Softly brush along your cheek
With the silent mist that is carried in a cloud
Your soul can ride its ever-flowing stream

Don't whisper who he is
Or he will lift and float away
But you will always know it
When you meet him on your way

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