Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning Deer

Morning deer visited my hillside
Silent supervisors needing to check
Yesterday’s vision - this morning’s result
We were held last night by a land
That dreamed us both
Them with Me, together
They move through every day
I first sensed the land yesterday

Although, I made no change
To the landscape
As a gift with deer in mind
I am always aware
We work together - the deer and me
I plant once - they prune every day
Just as something born in me
Is tended and changed, every day

Let the beauty of this place
Live in every welcome space
Let each plant and every creature
Express itself with comfort
And know the joy of its home
As I long to feel its beauty
Settle into my bones
And become my vision

The deer never noticed me
As I gazed before my morning plan
She moved unhurried up the hill
Then sank seamless into the forest
The white patch behind her
Slipping through stillness
Where silent leaves and branches
Keep all the places I love

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