Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Rain

Water often finds its lake
Under a raindrop dimpled surface
Its texture evenly spread
Under a light colorless sky

Drips from alder leaves
Bubble under branches
And sail within the breeze
Past the safety of their trees

Broken by raindrops
Weightless and transparent
All the drops and bubbles
Join the lake untraced

Cool, wet, fresh rain falls
That never laid flying dust down
or ever deepened a faded color
Rain that never played with light

Drips and drops that feed the lake
First strive to float the birds
Then stand firm to help the fish
And patiently wait to nourish the land

The red maple unfolding
Beside the heavy lake
Rests bent but happy
Inside the falling rain

The storm only missed the sun
But it left a string of magic
As a gift on every level branch
Delicate, unique and perfect

Each drop vibrating in play
With any light that finds it
My senses know each drop
Is precious as a pearl

A raindrop's beauty can't be kept
So these gems will never sparkle
Around a soft and gentle neck
Spring rain on maple in the morning sun

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