Sunday, July 31, 2011


Waiting, waiting, waiting....
We all know what will come
It is already here
But you still wait
For permission
Just to meet it
In its public light
Running with fashion
Moving toward light
Or moving toward dark
It is all the same
If you think about it

Choose to be free
From the sticky
Fragrant syrup of life
I felt I could help
But nobody wants it
Sometimes I sat there
Frightened inside life
Waiting for soft death
Hoping to win - Something
I am not sure what was near
But I do know what is here
And I can't know what will be

All I know
Is I am here
Wanting every soul
To be freed, to be free
Again, and again, forever free
To find a place beyond that space
That tries to swallow me
That tree may want to follow
But you should chase its stillness
To the place beyond that space
Where freedom flies at any speed
And in any direction, it chooses

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