Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walking Dizzy

Walking dizzy through a tunnel
Light at both ends calls to me
But in the face of careful listening
Nothing knowing speaks to me
So elbows guide me along this tunnel
Uncertain at every footstep

The light at the end seems larger
Than the light where I began
I can't even remember why
I chose to walk through here
But there isn't enough room
Between the tracks and the walls
Of this stone cold tunnel
To let a train pass if it comes

I have lost so much time
To planning what I'll do
When or if the train arrives
As promised by these tracks
I hardly ever even noticed
What I passed along my way

The light where I started
And that light where I must go
Have gripped my attention
Too long and too strong
To let me understand
The nature of this tunnel
Or the fears that all complain
As I hurry through this life

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