Monday, October 17, 2011

Ferry Ride

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I was sitting on the ferry
Looking out the window
When a lady in the front row
Phoned a friend on her cell phone
“I just saw a fish jump”
She said loudly with enough excitement
For all of us all that were sitting there
“I have never seen a fish jump
When I have ridden on the ferry before”
She bubbled loud to her friend on the phone
I won’t deny that she saw a miracle
Or that a fish jumped out from the sea
But miracles live in the tiny ripples too
  Ones that race to the sun across waves on the sea
They are the laughter from gods
To the wind that moved them into life
Through an empty stillness of waiting
But this is my experience and
If I told everyone that sat near me
About the beauty of the wind’s dimples
As they race across the surface of the sea -
They would look at me as if I were crazy
And I am hardly ever crazy…
So I looked for the fish that jumped into the past
And then I turned back to the ripples on the sea
As they were beautiful and they were there
For me and everyone else to see

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