Wednesday, October 5, 2011


                                                                                                            Google image
The beauty of water
Floats beyond my knowing
But I think of it anyway
All the beautiful places I've been
Stood by water
Sometimes quiet as if asleep
Sometimes rushing somewhere else
But water was always there
Merging into life around it
Willing to be used
Willing to be praised
Well able to float a miracle
But never drawn to magic

I walked through
Early morning summer gardens
Raindrops gem-like for heavy blooms
Spilled puddles cuddled full
To nourish roots in rich soil
While plants and water share
Their wet and colorful lives

Walking into morning now
While darkness is still narrow
Yet knowing the sun will come
I notice a large bead of rain
Cupped in the colored palm
Of a dry autumn leaf
The balanced ball of water
Still offers all its beauty
Silently, alone, in solitude
Vibrating with joy and twinkling
Through me - past every star

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