Thursday, February 23, 2012


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I walked today a little way
Along the river and over the hill
Beside my dog through morning fog
We had lost his ball sometime last fall
But never mind it has been some time
Since the two of us even walked at all

Life seemed good from where I stood
But that’s all changed since I was named
The one in charge of the fireworks barge
My days seem wrong while nights are long
And if lights burn bright the wires look right
But we will never know til the evening show

If the rain should come it may soak the gun
That sets a blaze to the fireworks craze
And now I rent and my money is spent
On room and board of my own accord
But now I must go to start the show
With a light in hand to match demand

They all sit back as I climb the rack
And flip the switch so the sky is lit
The people oooh and the people aaah
Explosions rip as they point their mits
The winter’s cold and the winter’s dark
But I lit it up with a single spark