Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Wind

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I always notice the wind
And today it brushes hard
Against all surfaces it finds
No birds are flying
They are hiding in the forest
Frightened by wind music
It overshadows their song

Needled trees are blushing
The light is bleached harsh
Brightened by cold wind
The roads glistens gleams
Every surface glints stark
The ocean bay shimmers
3 Oystercatchers float
Below unchecked wind

Chimes ring tin to wind
Cedars pass windy secrets
Down a wide forest path
Wind’s round cheeked breath
Is felt everywhere but is heard
Best by stars stamped in tin
That live beside our front door

Shiny tubes shaded behind our house
Praise wind in pure twinkling voices
Warning that the wind seeks all paths
Hollow doors slam in imagined anger
Stopping wind but frightening the dog
Who heads into the forest to hide
From the wind with the birds

I am fine with the wind
It pushes trees away from the house
But searches for me inside every room
While green grass grows through moss
Under the wind above spring’s flowers
Sleeping safely inside dreams
For a future that waits for them